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Top Content Writers in Nigeria – Introduction

The desire of every business owner is to capture the attention of prospective clients. The only way to make that happen is to have professional looking content on your website. For many organizations and individuals today, getting the right content writer is a challenging task. A content that is well articulated will capture the attention of people visiting your website. There are many content writers in Nigeria that can help you to launch your business online and give it massive visibility.

Furthermore, professional content will make your business stand out and make your services desirable to clients. You can as well establish your brand and increase engagement with the quality of the contents on your website. This post is going to provide you with the list of top content writers in Nigeria.

Types of Content Writers in Nigeria

Firstly, what type of content writer do you need? Before you can answer that question, you need to realize the type of goals you want to achieve. You need to define the purpose and vision of your content because we have different types of writers in Nigeria. You need to understand the service they provide before you make any hiring decisions.

Blog Writer

Blogs are online journals that must be kept updated daily. Any content on a blog is mostly short and readers can give their feedback instantly. Bloggers, as they are fondly called, will hunt down and search for content that will strengthen their blogs. They can participate in interviews or collaborate with experts just to be sure of the credibility of their contents.

It is very important for any blogger to have deep knowledge of SEO as they might need to optimize content or research for keywords. A blog writer mostly writes posts, articles, and interview outcomes.


There are these types of content writers in Nigeria and they can be called chameleons.   It is anybody who writes content without getting accredited for their work. They are so skilled at what they do and can produce any type of content.

To hire this type of writer, you need to be sure of his or her credibility. A ghostwriter can write blog posts, web copy, articles, E-books, and even published books. The main thing to know is that the person who hires them will get accredited for their works.


Anyone who writes screenplays for Media like plays, films, TV programs and games are called screenwriters. They are the foundation of storytelling and we have so many of them worldwide. If you are after a scriptwriter, a reliable one will see the big picture of your project. Their creativity is top-notch and their imagination runs wild.

They can write video and podcast scripts, commercials or advertisements, and graphics scripts.

Technical Writers

This type of writer communicates complex contents in a way to make it more understandable to readers. If you want to create content explaining how to use some sort of technology, then this type of writer is your best option. They will explain how to use, build, process, operate and the mechanics of whatever tech products for a layman to understand. Their main goal is to make technical content in an easy and more explanatory way for others. For a better understanding of what tech writers do, you can go to Nollytech.

They mostly produce Guidelines, Manuals, Instructions, How-Tos and FAQs.


Any individual that writes, gathers and distributes information for public use is a journalist. We have several types of these content writers in Nigeria.  They tell stories and will never rest until they get to the source of a story. Most journalists have an extroverted personality as they need to go for interviews to get to the bottom of a matter. One thing you can be sure of when working with them is that whatever they write is a fact. Journalists see a story through and make sure they are publishing the right and true information. Clients will see your brand positively if everything you print out is the real fact.

Unlike blog writers, their contents are not in short forms. They write in detail and mostly produce press releases, stories, interviews, and company descriptions.

Social Media Writer

These types of writers are usually loud and controversial. They write content on social media to spark conversations and even chaos. These content writers will write and edit different information into several social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others. They are versatile and can cope with whatever algorithm of the social media they are engaging with. These writers will engage with audiences on every platform using different techniques and even languages.

When you launch your brand on social media, there is every chance of gaining massive exposure. They mostly produce social media ads, posts, Quizzes and so on.

What to Look out for When Hiring Content Writers in Nigeria

Now, that you are familiar with the types of writers we have nowadays. The next question to ask is the qualities a good content writer must possess. So that your content will not struggle to attract prospective clients, watch out for some of these qualities.

  1. Use of Grammar:

    The English Language is the top universal language worldwide. A good content writer must be able to express themselves very well. There should be no usage of wrong spelling, clauses, punctuation or grammar rules. A good professional should know when to use “Am” or “I’m” and “Its” or “It’s”. Of course, no one is perfect but whatever mistake your hired writer makes should be on rare occasions.

  2. Skill Level:

    Before you hire a content writer, you must definitely ask for the samples of their previous works. Make sure you ask for the content that is in line with whatever they will be creating for you. When checking whatever samples you are provided with, you need to be on the lookout for certain things. Check for Grammar, Spellings, Content flow, Readability, Keywords and whatever you think is needed. You can use certain applications like Grammarly, Read-Able to get a better evaluation.

  3. Enthusiasm:

    It is a given fact that for the completion of any project, its executors must have a level of excitement performing it. To hire content writers in Nigeria or anywhere else in the world, choose someone who is excited about your work. Whatever writer you choose will be creating your contents and that is the most important aspect of your project. The best service you get will be from someone who asks questions and pay attention to you when you are talking about it. To know how enthusiastic the person it, you need to Listen and read their body language. You should not hire someone who dozes off or keeps pressing the phone in the middle of an interview. Ask them for advice they think might better your content. This is how to know if the person is excited to start working on creating content for you or not.

  1. Knowledge:

    Going for an interview is like coming to write an exam. Whatever writer you employ must have valuable knowledge about what they are going to write. The person must have done his/her assignments and be able to answer basic questions. If they have no knowledge, they might be an indication that they do not care about the job. You can ask them to spell the name of your company, mention the services you provide and how they can be useful to you. This and many other questions are some of the things you can ask a prospective content writer before hiring them.

  2. Cost:

    Last but not the least, you need to consider the price you are willing to pay any writer you want to employ. The higher the quality of the writer you want, the higher you will have to pay. It is a guarantee that you will get whatever it is you pay for. Since you are looking for content that will grab the attention of prospective clients, it is advisable to spend more money to get a professional one. However, if you cannot pay the price, you will need to employ a less professional one and that might diminish the quality of content they will create.

Top Content Writers in Nigeria

Some of the top content writers in Nigeria that provides refreshing and appealing contents are:

  • MoreWriters.com: This company popularly called More Writers Publishing Co Ltd., is a content writing company that provides excellent writing and marketing skills in Nigeria. If you opt for this, they help you to establish a strong name for your brand. Their writers offer professional, engaging and appealing content for your website. They work with domains like E-Commerce, Blogging, Corporate Profiles, and E-learning sites. MoreWriters content writing company also develops SEO articles that you can use to drive traffic and improve search visibility on your website. You can visit their official site; MoreWriters.com and decide for yourself.
  • Temitope Olukomogbon: She is a creative writer, proofreader, and editor that is based in Abuja, Nigeria. Temitope is very passionate about writing and also detail-oriented. Her skills are editing efficiency, and speech writing. She charges $56 per hour.
  • Chima Nnaeneka: He is the author of “Stairs in the Storm” and also an article writer. Some of the skills he possesses are editing, Logo designing and academic writing. He lives in Aba, Nigeria and charges $2 for every hour.
  • Samuel Popoola: This man has been working as a freelancer for 4 years. He is familiar with applications like excel, graphics, PowerPoint and also good in E-commerce. His areas of expertise include Blog design and Virtual Assistant. He stays in Lagos, Nigeria and charges $5 per hour.
  • Oluwasegun Ojo: He is a professional writer, editor and graphic designer with over four years of experience. He is very skilled in content writing and designing business cards. His charge is $7 for one hour.

Top Content Writers in Nigeria – Conclusion

Finally, the main purpose of this post is to give some of the top content writers in Nigeria for now. We have talked about certain things to consider when hiring a content writer. Therefore, you should go through this post again if you are having any challenge in deciding the type of writer your brand needs.

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