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How to Trace Mobile Number Current Location Online

This post contains the various apps that can be used to trace mobile number current location online by the use of a cell phone tracker.

There are occasions when you might decide to track mobile number location of someone. It can be because you lost your mobile phone or simply because you need to find out some information about an individual. In addition, it can be an excellent tool to keep track of your children.

Right here, I will be discussing the various cell phone trackers that can be used to track a mobile number.


tracker cell phone

How to track a mobile phone through mSpy:

The mSpy software is also excellent for tracking mobile phone number current location online. However, that is only a little part of its amazing features. It can also read the messages, emails, call logs and access the Social media accounts of the target device. This application is excellent for parents in protecting their kids.

To use this application, all you have to do is:

  • Download the mSpy device on the target device, install it
  • Once you have properly installed it, you will receive a confirmation link via your email
  • Click on this link and activate your account
  • Now you can begin monitoring from your own end.


  • It features a simple interface
  • It is perfect for tracking Android, Symbian, IOS and BlackBerry devices


  • You must install it on the target device.

2. GPS Cell Phone Locator

trace mobile number current location online

The GPS Cell Phone Locator features as one of the best ways to track a mobile number location online. It can allow you to trace a phone number anywhere in the world and you do not have to install it on the target device before you can use it. All you need do is simply enter the mobile number in the text field and click to search the phone number.


  • It is quite easy to use as it involves only a one-click process
  • It is available at any time in the day
  • This device is also quite compatible with a lot of devices including BlackBerry, Windows, iOS and Android
  • There is no need for installation on the target device.


  • It is not compatible with a lot of other mobile OS such as Symbian
  • It cannot track a device that is turned off.

Here’s the website:

3. Free Phone Tracer

Free phone tracer

The Free Phone tracer is yet another lovely Gps phone tracker that lets you trace mobile number current location online. It can help you identify its location simply for free. This platform also uses the McAfee security solution to keep you secure during your visit to the website.

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  • An encrypted network governed by the McAfee security solution
  • Phone tracing takes an easier and more convenient
  • User-friendly interface


  • You can only trace mobile numbers in the United States
  • You will need to register before you can track any mobile or landline number.

Free phone tracer’s website:

4. Mobile Number Locator

Mobile Number Locator

The Mobile number locator is also a fee GPS cell phone tracker. However it is designed specifically for the Android operating system. It utilizes Google Maps in the target device to locate your mobile number of interest.


  • It allows access to the call logs of the target device
  • It can track a stolen device even though the device is not connected to the Internet


  • Service is limited to Canada, the United States. Pakistan and India
  • It only works on ported numbers.

You can download this app from PlayStore.

5. Number Locator

Number Locator

This application is yet another excellent way to trace mobile number current location online. However,  it tracks only iOS devices. All you need do is to download the app from the iOS store and simply enter your desired number in the text field and you are good to go.


  • It works even when a target device is not connected to the internet
  • This application works for iOS devices such as iPod, iPad, and iPhone
  • It is also user-friendly.


  • The application is not completely free, you might need to upgrade to get the full expanse of its benefits.

6. How to trace mobile phone using the Spyzie


The Spyzie application is another great tool that is equally efficient. However, you will require a laptop to set up your account with Spyzie. With this application, you can view the call logs, emails, SMS, social media messages and track the GPS location of the target device.

To begin:

  • Download Spyzie on your desktop
  • Next, create an account
  • Fill up information about the target devices
  • Now, Download Spyzie on target devices
  • Go to settings on the target device and click to all unknown source on the target device
  • Now Install Spyzie and you are all set to begin monitoring.


  • This lovely app works quite comfortably for all Operating software
  • Ability to stay hidden so the user of the target device is made unaware of the app.


  • You will have to install the application on the target device
  • It requires subscriptions to utilize this application.

There are many other methods that you can use to trace mobile number current location online. However, it depends largely on your operating system and the location of the target device.

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Those are excellent tools that would work the magic, Please let us know your experiences with these applications and tools.

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