What’s Hoverwatch?

How To Track A Cell Phone With Mobile App

Are you in search of the best tools to track a cell phone? It’s 21st century where phone technology continues to make life simpler. Phone trackers are helping in easing people’s mind and worries.

Location tracking apps such as Hoverwatch phone tracker are assisting individuals who feel the necessity to track on what’s happening or the people in their lives. Whether you’re a suspicious spouse, a worried parent or an absent-minded professor this mobile spying app can help put your anxieties at bay.

Why use Hoverwatch to Track A Cell Phone?

Hoverwatch is among the best cell phone trackers as it can help you figure out everything someone’s doing with a smartphone. The app is also useful as it can assist you in tracking anyone in real time.
This software can also help you track kid’s mobile devices. Thus, you can use the tool to ensure your children are in school or they aren’t going forbidden places.

Why use Hoverwatch to Track A Cell Phone

Additionally, Hoverwatch can record details on the location of your employees. You can spy on how they’re moving from one office complex to another using the application. This type of monitoring works well especially if you’ve many company vehicles you need to track.

The program’s also helpful if you’re trying to locate a missing phone. It uses location-based tools such as GPS and maps to trace the location of the device.

What’s Hoverwatch?

Hoverwatch is a popular cell phone tracking software, and it has over 12M successful installations on mobile devices since its launching. The tool has many features that make it competitive, including stealth mode fictionality and social media platforms tracking.

What’s Hoverwatch?

Another excellent feature that makes Hoverwatch stand out is its universal capabilities. It can be used for many purposes by concerned parents, business persons, spouses among others. This spying tool has proved its effectiveness.

Do I Need to Root the Phone I Want to Track?

The tool is functional. And it’ll work whether your device is rooted or jailbroken. It’s compatible with all Android devices.

How to Track A Cell Phone with Hoverwatch

Step 1. To track a Cell phone, sign up for a free Hoverwatch phone tracker account. But if you’re an existing user, you don’t need to create another account. Just sign in to add devices.

Be patient and install the application according to the instructions. Ensure you install the program compatible with your devices. Installation instructions are easy to follow.

Perhaps for new devices will change. Write in support, they quickly try to help solve all the problems.

Step 2. Click “add a device” button on the left side panel. The option will be activated immediately you sign in into our account.

Step 3. On “add a new device” button, you’ll see various URLs for different operating systems. The links contain a set of guidelines to be followed for a successful installation of the device.

Step 4. After you’ve added devices, the software will download data from the gadgets. Also, it’ll record screenshots together with the other information.

Hoverwatch Features

Some of the unique and useful features that the Hoverwatch tracker offers:

Call Recording Option

All outgoing and incoming calls can be saved by Hoverwatch, and the details will be available in your user panel. The actual conversations, exact call time and date, call duration, call type, and caller ID will be recorded side by side.

Additional SMS Tracking

The tool can track all received and sent MMS and text message conversations. The details on SMSs includes messages type, contact number, and the names. Calls on WhatsApp and other social media platforms are also included on this tracking feature.

Featured Facebook Messages Tracking

Facebook is among the most popular social platform. Over 50% of conversations and plans happens on this network. Facebook messages tracking can monitor videos, pictures, and audios.

WhatsApp Spy Feature

WhatsApp is another most used platform. This feature will save conversations, documents, links, images, video calls, audios, and others. Also, the tool is capable of saving deleted logs.

Sim Card Feature

The phone tracker can detect SIM changes. It’ll also record the contact number of the replaced sim card.

Contact Safety

It means that contacts names on Facebook, WhatsApp, and phone call logs will be recorded for convenient storage. Also, new contacts will be saved in the phone tracker’s user panel.
The feature is useful if you want to review the activities alongside the phone numbers. It’s also compatible with email address application.

To-Do List Option

The to-do list feature is a unique Hoverwatch aspect. The list includes appointments, plans, and meetings. To-do list tracking will help you to know where a target phone user is going. You can also view the reminders to assist you in staying on track.

Stealth Mode Safety

Stealth Mode Safety

The software has a hidden tracker. Even if a phone user tries to trace the program on their devices, they’ll not find it.
The feature can also be turned off or on if a need arises. Stealth mode functionality can help you know what’s happening in your failing relationship. And your spouse will never suspect they’re being tracked.

Hoverwatch Viewer

For easier viewing of magazines on another device, use this Viewer. Watch all the logs on your Android phone. Hoverwatch Viewer will show all actions on another device, sorted by activity.

Who Need to Track A Cell Phone with Hoverwatch?

Hoverwatch can help you in solving the problems of monitoring the safety of your loved ones and children.

A Parent

Every parent needs to track their children activities. Hoverwatch can help you in fixing issues with your kids. You can use it to check their location and social interaction with their peers. Use the software if you wish to protect your children from web threats.
Do you want to block inappropriate content from your kids? Are you searching for a convenient way to prevent cyber-bullying? Hoverwatch is your go-to cell phone tracker.

A Beloved One

If you wish to dismiss your doubts about your partner, Hoverwatch app is an excellent choice for you. You’ll discover whether your lover is cheating or hiding something from you. You can access their photos, messages, chats and contact list.

An Employer

Use Hoverwatch to prove confidence and trustworthiness of your workers. Your employee won’t be able to lie to you anymore.

Pros and Cons of the application

Everyone has pros and cons, let’s look at what can be said about this application


  • The app is easy to use.
  • It has a quick and straightforward installation process.
  • The program can detect any phone activity you’re suspicious of.
  • It’s undetectable.
  • The pricing of Hoverwatch is competitive and has convenient pricing options.


  • For you to install the cell phone tracker on a target smartphone, you need physical access to the device.


Hoverwatch is a feasible and convenient way for all your phone monitoring needs. To track a cell phone, create a Hoverwatch account, and you’ll be awarded 3 free-trial days.

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