10 Best Truth or Dare Apps Dirty for Couples and Adults

For those of you that like to play games and sometimes run out of the kind of games to play, there are numerous types of games you can play with your friends. A Popular game you can play is “truth or dare”. This is a game many adults and couples all over the world play. However, if you do not know the most fun ways to play it, then follow me as I list 10 best truth or dare apps dirty that you can play as couples or adults.

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10 Best Truth or Dare Apps Dirty for Android and iOS

  1. Spin the Bottle

truth or dare apps-spin the bottleSpin the Bottle is part of the methods of playing truth or dare that is mainly used by people who have experience of playing the game. The app shows you ways to play the game adding its own features to it. The features include allowing you to play it offline, creating your own questions that you want others to ask you. Furthermore, the app displays a scoreboard to know the ranks of the players and it has more than two thousand different questions you and your friends can ask. You can get the app for your Android or your iOS devices.

  1. Truth or Dare 18+

truth or dare 18+This app is one of the most used as it is for couples or adults only. It features some adult’s content. Also, it is very easy to play on your Android or iOS devices. The app like most other apps has its own features from having to unlock different levels to the selection of different languages you want, to a lot more other things.

  1. Truth or Dare Dirty Houseparty

dirty housepartyTruth or Dare Dirty Houseparty is one of the truth or dare apps you can use with ease and, at your convenience. This app is interesting and fun. It has an age restriction on it for 18+ only. Also, the app has more than 700 truths on it so, you can play with your friends. It has a lie detector challenge to make things more fun with them. You can get this app for your Android or iOS device.

  1. Dirty Truth or Dare for Couple

truth or dare apps-dirty truth or dare for coupleThis app is one of the other truth or dare that is strictly 18+ and should not be played by ages below. It is available for Android and iOS users. Furthermore, this app has its own features as the rest of the other apps on this list.  For example, it has more than a thousand questions waiting to be asked and dares also. It is a fun and exciting game to play with your friends.

  1. Truth or Dare Kids

truth or dare kidsTruth or Dare Kids is another amazing app that is enjoyable to play. Also,  this app is one of the truth or dare apps that leaves open some fun features. It also has a long list of questions and dares to be asked. Also, it allows you to add the question you want to ask others. In addition, it has a scoreboard for keeping points and ranks of the players. Moreover, it is easy to use and get on Android and iOS devices.

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  1. Truth or Dare? Dirty!

truth or dare apps-truth or dare dirtyTruth or Dare Dirty is part of the other truth or dare apps you would find fun and easy to play with. it is amazing to use and you can get in on your Android or iOS devices. This app is quite different from the other apps in this article as it does not restrict age nor does it put a suitable age for the games. However, it has several age groups you can select from with dares and truths listed in the order of ages.

  1. Truth or Dare Party Game

 party gameTruth or Dare Party Game is part of the major truth or dare apps that are popular in use and have a lot of Android and iOS users. The app is similar to most apps in this article and has its own features laid out like being able to play the game offline, to having types of game levels.


  1. Truth or Dare By Marmelapp

truth or dare by marmelappTruth or Dare by Marmelapp is another fun app with exciting features for players using both Android and iOS devices. It is a unique app that you would definitely enjoy while playing with your friends.  Also, its features allow you to have a time limit while answering a question, and a lot more. This app is very fun and exciting to use as it brings and gives you a lot of questions and dares to be asked.

  1. Truth or Dare – Teen Edition

 teen editionAnother fun and game app you would be sure to find among the top truth or dare apps is this app. Truth or Dare Teen edition is a fun app that leaves you with excitement as you play it. The sad thing about this app is that it does not just come free. It has a premium version. It is the only app in this article that comes with a premium version. This app has hundreds of unique truth or dare questions, that you can easily select from. You will find this app amusing on your Android or iOS devices.

  1. Truth or Dare by Tiggel

truth or dare apps-truth or dare by tiggelTruth or Dare by Tiggel is one of the apps that allow you to play with ease as you download it for your Android or iOS devices. It is free to use and easy to play. Also, it comes with features that enable you to play like other apps in this article. In addition, just like truth or dare teen edition, this app does not come for free. This app also has a premium version that has its own separate features.


Most apps come with either their own problems or their own features waiting for you to download them. However, these apps are the top 10 dirty truth or dare apps for adults and couples that you can download with the best features. Similarly, these allow you to play games with your friends with ease, and no problem at all.
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