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10 Best TV Remote Control Apps for Android And iPhone

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In this article, we’ll be discussing extensively 10 best TV remote control apps for Android and iOS devices. These apps allow you to control your TV device with your smartphone. Although there is a number of TV brands out there, which makes finding a good TV remote control app that you can pair with your TV hard. However, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the best TV remote control apps for Android and iPhone users. One of this app should work smoothly with your TV brand.

Best TV Remote Control Apps

10 Best TV Remote Control Apps

  1. Sure Universal Smart TV Remote

TV Remote Control Apps-SURE Universal Smart TV Remote

This smartphone TV remote control app is actually controlled by red infrared radiations which support most old and New TV. This app has a simple user interface and works perfectly with all home theatre devices. Also, it is easy to connect and you can use it with almost every type of TV and electronic device. Download it from the AppleStore now.

  1. Android TV Remote Control App

TV Remote Control Apps-Android TV Remote Control

This TV remote app for Android devices completely replaces regular TV remotes. Also, it is easy and convenient to control your TV device with. All you need to do is download and install the app. Then, make sure your TV and your smartphone are on the same mobile network. Next, find your TV device via Bluetooth, pair and connect the devices to use. So, download this Android app now to enjoy it.

  1. Peel Smart Remote Control

TV Remote Control Apps-Peel Smart TV Remote Control App

Smart TV remote control app is a smart app, exclusively compatible with iOS devices. it will control home devices like your internet-connected dish, your TV, DVD, Set-top box, and even your Apple TV from your mobile device. Also, this remote app is free, but for full compatibility with a large range of devices, you will need to buy the $50 peel pronto remote receiver. Get this iOS Remote Control app for free now.

  1. Remote Control App for TV

TV Remote Control Apps-Remote Control App for TV

Remote control app for TV is compatible with more than 220,000 home theater devices. It is an IR based universal remote controller to popular smart TV devices like Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic and many more. It also includes a paid app service for its best and most powerful functions. Download this app from the Playstore now.

  1. All TV Remote Control

All TV

All TV remote control supports all brands of smart TV. It has a simple interface and you can use it with ease. All you need to do is to select your brand of TV on the list of remote TV applications to connect. With this app, you can comfortably access your smart TV controls from your smartphone device. Download this app for Android now.

  1. Remote For All TV Model: Universal Remote Control

 All TV

If you are looking to smartly convert your smartphone device to a universal remote for your TV. This app is a great choice for the task. In addition, it helps you control your smart TV faster than normal remote devices and is easy to use. Also, it’s unique interface lets you experience the deep feel of virtual remote functions. Get it now for your Android device.

  1. TV Remote For LG

TV Remote for LG

It is easy to guess what this TV remote control app does from its name. The app virtually supports all LG TV remote buttons, making it easier to access TV controls from the comfort of your device. Also, you can organize a playlist of all your favorite channels with this app, and set voice recognition commands for your TV controls. This app is must have. Download it for your Android device now.

  1. Mytifi for Samsung TV

Mytifi remote for Samsung TV

Mytifi remote control takes control of all basic functions of your TV. Its functions include cool gesture swipes to change volume and channel, tap with 2 fingers to mute and many more. Also, MyTifi supports all Samsung smart TVs from the model year 2010 up until the latest 2018 model. It is also Available to iOS exclusively.

  1. TV Remote Control – All TV

TV Remote Control

Enjoy the amazing experience of using your Android device as a universal TV remote. With an easy to use and very smart and simple interface, this app takes the top spot on our list today. Also, it is one of the best TV remote control apps available to Android devices. In addition, its operation mode is smooth and like a regular remote it is very easy to use.

  1. Remote for All TV & TV Remote Control

Remote for All TV & TV Remote Control

This remote control app is a tool which can easily replace your physical remote. This app supports all kinds of connections, such as IP, IR or WiFi remote connections. It is also compatible with a good number of popular TV devices. Also, it has an app widget that makes it easy to find and access on your Android device. In additin, this universal remote controller is available for download on the playstore. Try it now.


Whenever you misplace your normal remote control or wish love to test new technology you could try any of this TV remote control apps to virtually control your TV device. Also, it is a smart way to turn your phone into a universal controller and also experience the amazing features of a smartphone TV remote. So, don’t wait for your TV Remote to spoil before you start using these TV remote control apps.


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