U-Mobile App Download

U-Mobile App Download For Android, iPhone And Blackberry Phones

Would you love to learn more about the UBA mobile app? Do you know about it and still find it hard understanding all of its key features? Well stick around I will show you how to effectively use U-Mobile app. Do read on.

The U-mobile app is UBA’s innovative platform ensuring that its customers are satisfied at all times. It is a beautiful application put together by one of the oldest banks in Nigeria thereby ensuring its customers always stay ahead of the game. You no longer need to visit the banking hall to make your transactions, you can do so with ease and at your convenience anytime. All you require is to understand the instructions I will show you.

U-Mobile App download
U-Mobile App download

Key Features of the U-Mobile App

  • The U-Mobile App is available for all customers that have an account with UBA
  • It can be downloaded to all mobile devices by their individual links
  • Secure account management
  • Zero risks when compared to traditional banking methods
  • Real-time online transfer of funds
  • Security of customers funds and accounts

U-Mobile App Benefits

  • Balance Inquiry
  • Account statement for any specified period of time
  • You can transfer funds to friends and family both to UBA account holders and other account holders.
  • You can recharge your phone and pay bills with ease
  • And so much more

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How to download the U-Mobile App

  • For Android phones: You can download the U-Mobile app directly from your app store with ease by opening your GooglePlay App on your Android phone, click on the search button, type U-Mobile and you will be directed to the app, then you install OR for an updated version, you can visit Google Play Website
  • For iPhone: You can also download the U-Mobile app from your app store with ease or you can do so much quicker by visiting this URL
  • For Blackberry phones: You can download the app from your app store or you can visit this URL to download.
  • Java phones: You can download the app from your Ovi store or visit this URL

U-Mobile App Download

How to activate and Register the U-Mobile App

  • Launch the U-Mobile app
  • Read and agree to the terms and conditions
  • Next, click the Register button

You can register through two different ways: By visiting the bank or by Using your UBA prepaid card

Visiting the Bank

  • Enter the following information: Phone number, Account number, password and the Network your phone uses (MTN, Glo etc)
  • Select preferred method of receiving a one-time password (SMS or Internet)
  • Visit your UBA branch office and request for the virtual channel enrollment form
  • Fill the form and submit
  • You will receive a default PIN to your phone after 24 Hours
  • Note you must change this PIN before performing any transactions
  • To change PIN, launch the mobile app, click on security, click on change PIN
  • Insert new PIN and you can start transacting

Register with the UBA Prepaid card

  • Launch the U-Mobile App
  • Read and agree to terms and conditions
  • Select Register with the prepaid card
  • Enter Mobile phone no
  • Enter last 6 digits of your ATM card
  • Insert the last 4 digits of your ATM card
  • Enter a password
  • Select your Network provider
  • Select the preferred the channel for accepting the one-time password (OTP)
  • You will receive the password also containing your default PIN
  • Use the pin to change to your own preferred pin via the same method above.
  • You can start using your U-Mobile app


The U-Mobile app is so easy to use, with its animated and enlightened views, you can make all your transactions quite easily.

If you do need help navigating the app, place a comment stating what you wish to know.

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