uba mobile banking

UBA mobile banking/internet banking procedures

If you wish to step up your game and switch from visiting your bank every time you wish to make a transaction to managing your UBA accounts from your own comfort. I can teach you just that. Read on to find out more about UBA Mobile Banking.

UBA known as United Bank of Africa is a commercial bank founded in 1949 in Nigeria. it presently has many branches in abut 19 African countries and in three major cities in the world (Paris, London and New York).

uba mobile banking

Benefits of UBA Mobile/Internet Banking

  • You can buy airtime and pay bills at the comfort of your home
  • All transactions on your account can be checked with ease
  • You can send and receive money anytime, anywhere to anywhere in the world
  • You can buy plane tickets straight from your UBA account
  • Access to your account is 24 hours.

What do you require to start using UBA Mobile Banking platform

  • An active UBA account, if you don’t have one, i will show you how to get one
  • A completed web enrollment form
  • Executed Indemnity (if you wish to raise your transaction limit.

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How to open a UBA account online

  • Go to www.ubagroup.com
  • click on the Open an account button
  • a page will open asking if you own a UBA account, click the ” No, I don’t have a UBA account
  • Carefully fill the required form and submit
  • You will receive a link in your email, within minutes
  • Go to this link to confirm
  • Next step is to change your password, Click to change password by entering and re-enteringthe new password
  • Proceed to enter your personal information and follow all instructions
  • Then you can check your Username, account number etc.

You can learn more about how to open a bank account online.

How to register for UBA internet banking

UBA internet banking platform is also known as U-Direct. There are three ways to register for UBA internet banking:

  1. Instant self-enrollment
  2. Registering via a Virtual Enrollment form
  3.  You can also register at a Local UBA branch

Instant Self-Enrollment

  • Go to UBA page, ibank.ubagroup.com
  • Click on the instant Self-registration button
  • Fill your information in the form that appears in a different window
  • You will get a text from your bank with a confirmation code
  • This code is your one time password to UBA internet banking

Virtual Enrollment

  • You need to fill the U-Direct enrollment form
  • There are two forms for the different class of people: Individual and Corporate
  • If you require the individual form, Click here
  • If you require the Corporate form, Click here

Apply at a Local branch

You can go to their nearest UBA branch, fill in the forms there and get enrolled in UBA Internet Banking. Corporate clients have to go to the nearest UBA branch to register their employees under the corporate account.

UBA mobile banking and the Internet banking platform are great platforms to perform all your transactions. I hope you find this information useful. if you have any question, kindly place a comment below.

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