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Uber Dubai – Requirements And Registration Process

Dubai is a country of growing population and Uber requirements vary in different countries. The Uber Dubai driving requirements are different from the requirements in other countries like London or Nigeria. In Dubai, it functions in different forms. They offer convenient services in Dubai.
uber dubai requirements
When you are walking all the way to the airport or you are going around the corner, ordering a ride directly from your phone without worrying about counting cash helps you in a particular manner. Uber has a straightforward system and the application has options that can give you a better riding experience.

Types of Uber in Dubai

  1. UberBLACK: This is known as original Uber. There is a reasonable difference with the type of vehicle you get with UberBLACK. Uber DubaiRegistration in Uber is only for professionally licensed drivers in Dubai and if you order from the lowest level, you are then guaranteed a Lexus.
  2. UberSELECT: this is among the most basic level of Uber in Dubai. UberSELECT has replaced UberX which is the least expensive car in the US. Dubai is said to be a city like no other. Dubai is the only city on the planet where a Lexus arrives on UberX. UberSelect UberSELECT was launched to be in line with markets like San Francisco, Los Angeles and Melbourne.
  3. UberCHOPPER and UberYATCH: This is only true in Dubai and there are options called UberYATCH and UberCHOPPER is an option that is available through the Uber application. With this, you can beat the worst traffic on
  4. UberVIP: Just as the name says, it is available for only VIP users. The VIP icon will appear on the Uber application once you hit the status of the VIP. You must take 10 rides in Dubai by the end of the month to qualify as an UberVIP.Uber VIP You can easily be an UberVIP within the first week of each month. They enjoy a premium service meaning that whenever a VIP calls for a car, there is matching with the most rated drivers in the city. The cost of UberVIP and the UberSELECT is the same.

Uber Dubai Driver Requirements

  1. Uber commercial driving license
  2. Minimum age requirement
  3. A clean driving record
  4. Watching the short training video is required

Documents Required

Before you enter the road, you have to share some documents and if you are using your own car, you will have to provide your insurance and registration.

  • Emirates IDA
  • Valid UAE drivers commercial license.
  • You will also need to be screened and after signing up, you take a few minutes for completing the screening.

Your criminal history and driving record will be reviewed. You then proceed to sign up online. You share relevant documents like your Emirates ID, registration and information and also your commercial driver’s license. You then join the on boarding session. After this, you will get an invitation to the in-person session of Uber. You will then be shown how to navigate to Uber Dubai platform and earning.

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