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Uber London Requirements And Registration Process

London is among the most populated cities on the planet and the number of needed taxis is increasing. Uber has gone to many countries and the UK is not an exception. Uber London is among the best driving systems in the city of London and has offered solutions to this using their system. To be eligible to drive in the UK, you will need to have the required years of driving experience and this is dependent on the city you are based.

Drive in Uber London

You should be at least 21 years of age and the vehicle that you want to make use of to drive with the platform should be at least 2008 or newer than 2008. Without much ado, let me show you how to signup and I will also reveal some of the documents needed to register as an Uber partner here in London.

How To Sign Up To Uber in London

Ensure that you check with the Uber team in London to confirm your vehicle requirements then you can proceed to sign up.Drive in Uber London

If it happens that you don’t have a car, they can provide you access to finance and rental options using their vehicle solution programs. Uber offers you many options and the Uber London websites let you get a private hired license. If your vehicle is not eligible, they have a system that connects you to partners with great rental and finance deals.

You can get a license with Uber ignition and you can also book a personalised ignition information in London so as to get the necessary support and advice and here you can learn more about private hire licensing and their requirements.

Uber London requirements

Registering For Uber London

Before you register for Uber, you will have to create a partner account first.

You will need to get your PCO License. After you get your PCO license, you book a session for induction at the office of Uber. There you will get an explanation of how the application operates, work ethics and expected behaviour. They now have different websites for some new partners and you have to be technical. You can click to book an appointment. You will then download the Uber application to your Android device or download it to your iPhone.

Required Documents

a) Your UK driving license (unexpired and valid)
b) Private Hire License from the Transport for London. You will need the paper counterpart and badge.
c) Share code from DVLA: They will check for points.

Note that you do not need a car yet to activate the Uber platform. Go ahead and upload your papers and details of your vehicles and information through your Uber dashboard. If you are not technical, you can bring your papers back and ask the officers to take pictures of them.

Uber london requirements

Needed Driving Documents

  1. The V5 Logbook
  2. Private Hire License for a used vehicle
  3. Reward and hire insurance
  4. MOT Certificate

Needed Documents For Rental

  1. Lease agreement
  2. Letter of permission
  3. Driver insurance schedule
  4. Vehicle insurance schedules.

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They will approve your papers within few hours. Manual inspection and approval is done too. You are activated on the platform once you go through their induction program. It means that once your vehicle papers and driver details are checked, you are on the road.

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