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What is Uber?

Uber is an online platform that brings drivers and passengers together. This platform is driven by technology and it enables customers to hail a comfortable taxi cab from any location. The Uber application charges its customers automatically and the driver gets paid into his bank account on a weekly basis.

There is no need to exchange cash. Uber does not actually own vehicles so partnership comes in here. The most affordable and easiest pattern is for you to drive for yourself on the platform. You have complete control over your working hours and you will not need to haggle prices with customers involved in this.

The Uber platform deducts a 20% commission and then credits your bank account on a monthly or weekly basis. Remember that to download Uber application. The Uber App can be downloaded by going to Google Play Store if your phone is an Android type or Apple Play Store if you use an iPhone (It all depends on your type of device).They make use of a smartphone application in which the driver and passenger register. The passengers can just contact the drivers from the comfort of their home, then the driver proceeds to meet the passenger. Uber is a good source of employment for many drivers today, especially in Nigeria. Whether you have your own vehicle or not, you can benefit from this platform. I will explain in this article, how to register for Uber including the registration and car requirements in Nigeria.

Uber Nigeria Registration Requirements

Registering for Uber Nigeria requires that you register under these 3 categories which are:

  1. An owner of a vehicle who wants to drive
  2. An owner of a vehicle who wants to employ a driver
  3. A driver who does not have a vehicle

Now if you are registering for options 2 and 3, you are required to bring the following documents as a scanned copy.

  • The third party of your vehicle insurance certificate.
  • Your vehicle insurance clearance papers
  • Your driver’s license.
  • A newer car that is in good condition or 2006 car and this car will be inspected.

You will now Click here to register after which you select your category. Uber Nigeria registration processAfter this, you now access your profile and set up your payment details from where Uber can forward your payment details.

You will need the following information prior to registration

a) Your account number
b) Tax ID number
c) Code of bank
d) Bank branch swift code ( get this from your branch)

If you are hiring drivers, go to the Uber dashboard and click ‘Add a Driver’.

Registration As Driver

You will need the following to register as an Uber Driver:

  1. Lagos State Drivers Institute ID card.
  2. Drivers licence
  3. Checking of background cost N20 000 but you can pay this in 5 instalments of which each is N4000. This is done with the police to confirm that you have no criminal charges. If the person driving the vehicle is not the owner, contract agreement will be needed.

Registration of your vehicle

You will need the following documents when registering your Vehicle with Uber Nigeria:

a) Ownership evidence
b) Tint permit for tinted windows
c) License for vehicle
d) Roadworthiness certificate
e) Comprehensive insurance

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Other Categories

a) You will need to use a smartphone with GPS including local knowledge of the Lagos environs.
b) Certificate of Incorporation that shows you registered with Uber.

This process takes 2 weeks before you will be fully set for working with Uber.

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