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Ultimate Guide for Buying YouTube Channel

We are living in a world where people have uncountable ways to find their passion via digital media. Some people work full-time, but can still pursue their passion through social media platforms. By being active on these platforms, you can also earn an extra income. Most of these platforms support sponsored posts and advertisements which add up to the monthly revenue.

Among all these platforms, YouTube has become the favorite of people all over the world. The monetization programs of YouTube have helped many to earn by doing what they love to do. However, the process is not as easy as it sounds. Your channel needs to have some active subscribers and a certain number of watch hours for the monetization of the videos. 

You may need to spend at least a year to build a subscriber base, no matter how good your content is. But don’t let this be the reason for not trying to create a YouTube channel. 

Here is a complete guide on how to buy a YouTube channel. Also, some of the best sites for buying a YouTube channel have been mentioned. 

Is it illegal to buy a YouTube Channel? 

Don’t worry; it is completely legal to buy a YouTube channel. The selling and buying of YouTube channels have been happening for quite a few years now. Some of the world’s most popular multi-channel networks have gained success in this process.

Why Should You Buy an Old YouTube Channel? 

YouTube is the most popular marketing platform globally. It has become one of the largest search engines with around 2 billion active users per month. Many people out there wish to own a YouTube channel but the process requires time and patience. You need to build a channel from scratch and that can be frustrating and time-consuming. The good news is that you have the option of buying an established YouTube channel.

You may be looking for a YouTube channel that already has a significant number of subscribers. Rather than investing your time in building the subscriber base, you may utilize your time in creating content. 

Before you invest your money in buying a YouTube channel, you must have a clear understanding of the reasons behind the investment. One of the most important benefits of buying an old channel is that you can start earning from the videos previously posted on the channel. If you are looking to buy a review channel, you can also earn from the ads coming up in the old videos.

Old channels already have a subscriber base which makes the process much convenient. You just need to take the place of the owner and continue creating content. You will have guaranteed views on your videos and gaining followers would become an easy process. A higher number of views on videos attract even more views as people tend to share their favorite videos with friends and family. People usually click on videos that have more view count.

There are some additional benefits of buying an established YouTube channel. Let’s have a look at these benefits.

What are the Pros of Buying a YouTube Channel? 

  • Boost your ranking quickly

Your end goal must be to attain organic traffic on YouTube because it is this traffic that determines the success you achieve on the platform. According to some of the recent findings, old and established YouTube accounts help users rank videos 50% to 100% higher. Therefore, you will have more chances of receiving targeted traffic with the already-established YouTube account.

  • Easily Create More Channels

To create a new YouTube account, you need to go with steps like phone verification, identification, and so on. If you buy an already established YouTube channel, all these steps are not required. The platform will allow you to create up to 100 channels without any phone verification. Therefore, if you want to have several YouTube channels, buy an old account.

What are the Risks Associated with Buying a YouTube Channel?

There are certain risks associated with purchasing an established YouTube channel. Some of the serious risks are listed below:

  • Violation of YouTube’s terms and conditions

YouTube doesn’t legally allow the buying and selling of accounts. However, buying a YouTube channel is not wrong from the judicial point of view. But, as per YouTube’s policy, they can ban an account if they figure out that the account has been bought from someone else. It is not clear how they figure out whether a channel has been bought, but buying a YouTube channel from someone living far away can appear to be suspicious. The IP address is a big indicator; so you must take care of this.

  • The subscribers of the channel may not accept you

Another risk factor is that the existing subscribers of the channel may not like you. If the followers do not feel connected with you, you may end up losing a significant number of subscribers. Hence, you may face difficulties in growing the channel. So you must possess the same charisma as the original creator of the channel.

What are the Steps to Follow While Buying a YouTube Channel?

The first and foremost thing you need to do is to find a seller. Some reputable sites out there sell YouTube channels and you need to choose a well-known one.

After you find a seller, you need to consider the following factors before making the final decision:

  • Number of subscribers of the channel

The most crucial factor of a YouTube channel is the number of subscribers it has. It will decide the channel’s overall value. So, if you really want to make some money from the platform, this information is essential.

  • Monetization of the channel

No matter how many subscribers the YouTube channel has, you will not earn a single penny as ad revenue if the channel is not monetized. So you must check whether the channel you are looking to buy has been monetized.

If the channel has a good subscriber base but is still not monetized, something may be wrong with the channel. There can be issues of strikes or copyright due to which YouTube might not have approved the channel for monetization. If it is not yet monetized, the process of approval must be started as soon as possible. Otherwise, don’t consider buying such YouTube channels.

  • Monthly ad revenue of the channel

It is important to know the monthly ad revenue of the YouTube channel before you buy it. This is essential in estimating a proper valuation of the channel.

  • Promotion of affiliate products

You need to find out whether the channel promotes affiliate products or not. If this is the case, you must know the amount of monthly revenue it makes from these affiliate sales. Many YouTube channels which are for sale out there are review channels. You must know about the affiliate commission the owner makes every month.

  • Age of the channel

The benefits of the old YouTube channels are that they are more trustworthy than new ones. It is better to go for an older channel with a decent engagement rate. These channels have a dedicated subscriber base. However, if the channel is old but has no active engagement, it is of no use. So you must buy YouTube channels that are not only old but also active.

  • Strikes against the channel

Before buying a channel, you need to check whether there are any strikes against the channel. It is the best way to check if the channel has any copyright infringement. A single strike is not a big deal. YouTube will delete an account if it has three strikes within just three months.

  • Location of the channel audience 

It is essential to know the location of the audience of the YouTube channel before making a purchase. Having a US audience can be a lot beneficial than having an audience from Brazil. When you upload a new video to a channel that gets the majority of its traffic from the US, you will earn more even with the same number of views.

  • Face associated with the channel

Sometimes, it becomes difficult to replace the face which has already been associated with the channel. Before making the purchase, it is better to check if the subscribers feel connected to a particular person in the uploaded videos of the channel. This factor can make it difficult to retain the followers of the channel without the face associated.

  • Price negotiation

Once you have ensured all the points mentioned above, make an offer to the seller. While making the offer, keep all the factors in mind. If the seller is okay with the price, you can buy the YouTube channel and start earning revenue every month.

What is the Cost of Buying a YouTube Channel?

To find out what a YouTube channel can cost, you need to check whether the channel has all the prerequisites mentioned above. These points are vital in finding out the actual value of the channel. It is on this valuation that the cost of buying a YouTube channel will depend.

How Do I Transfer a YouTube Channel Account?

A YouTube channel is attached with many e-mail accounts; these can be of the primary owner or manager. But a channel can only have a single primary owner who has control over all the functions of the channel. When you decide to buy a channel, the current primary owner needs to put you in the position of ownership. After this, he/she needs to replace themselves with you as the primary owner. As per the YouTube policies, the approval of this request takes 24 hours. Only after this validation, you will be the proper owner of the YouTube channel. After you attain full control of the channel, you can remove all the other accounts associated with the channel. The best websites selling YouTube channels also help through this process of transferring a YouTube channel account.

What are the Best Websites for Buying YouTube Channels?

Mentioned below is a list of the best sites for buying a YouTube channel:


If you are looking for trustworthy YouTube channels, this can be your best site. It is the most preferred website for people looking to buy a YouTube channel. This platform enables you to buy channels that can help you make your content reachable to the targeted YouTube audience. 

If you want to buy a YouTube channel for branding purposes, FameSwap is the perfect platform. Here, the channels are priced according to the number of subscribers that makes the process fair enough. You can get channels in different niches like sports, fashion, travel, news and so on. You just have to pick a channel as per your preferences. FameSwap also provides an efficient and secure way of contacting the sellers.


Eazy Viral is also regarded as one of the best providers of YouTube channels. It has reliable and top-quality YouTube channels. The best thing about this site is the customer service it provides. Eazy Viral ensures that all the channels are monetized; so you don’t have to get approval for monetization of your videos.

You can buy a monetized channel from them at $495. The channels also come with a Google AdSense account. You can make use of the great packages and discounts provided by this website. Moreover, all the channels are legit and follow all the terms and conditions of YouTube.


Audience Gain is a well-known site for YouTube branding services. This site can help you with channels that can start earning promptly. With a team of experts to test the quality of the channel, Audience Gain ensures that the channels do not have any copyright infringement. If you purchase from this site, you will get a free Google AdSense account depending upon your location. This platform will help you easily change the niche of your account.

The site is known for its fast delivery of service. The price of a monetized YouTube channel is $619. The team also helps with a strategy to gain a strong fan base for your channel. Audience Gain makes sure that you get the best YouTube marketing strategy.

Easy SMM

Easy SMM is one of the most popular sites for buying YouTube channels. The platform offers the best digital marketing services and legit monetized YouTube channels. These channels already have active followers which will be beneficial for making your content viral. Such channels are created and built by the providers themselves. You can find channels within specific niches like entertainment, education, fashion and so on. The channels have top-quality content and a stable fanbase, keeping the terms and conditions of YouTube in mind. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about issues of copyright infringements when you buy a YouTube channel from Easy SMM.

The platform also offers a quick service. After you place an order, you will have your own YouTube channel within just 48 hours. You can buy a YouTube channel at a price of $339.


If you are looking for quality YouTube channels, PlayerUp can prove to be a desirable and trustworthy provider. Unlike other sites, PlayerUp does not sell channels created by its own team. It is a website where creators post their YouTube channels for sale. However, the additional advantage is that all the channels available on this site are authentic and legit. These channels already have active subscribers and real views.

On this website, you can make use of various filters while choosing your YouTube channel. This feature helps you buy a YouTube channel as per your preferences in no time. The filters include options like niche, subscribers, monetization status and so on. With these options, you can also easily get a channel and reach your target audience. The cost of these YouTube channels depends on the features and specifications of the channel. Therefore, the prices are variable on this platform. PlayerUp is one of the most helpful sites to buy a YouTube channel within your budget.


If you are looking for a digital bargain while buying a YouTube channel, Trustiu is the best place. The platform provides channels of different niches like fashion, beauty, gaming, and sports from which you can choose your desired one. It provides channels with very little engagement as well as those that are making huge monthly revenue. Channels with such different specifications are available on Trustiu and you can get them all at competitive prices.

The most unique feature of the platform is that it provides channels in different languages. This is what makes Trustio different from the other sites. You can buy a channel in Spanish, Portugal, Italian, or any language of your choice.

Accs Market

Accs Market is a social media marketplace that comes up with a trustworthy way of buying YouTube channels. This site contains established YouTube channels that are not put on sale by their creators. You can make a desirable and secure deal with the seller through this marketplace.

Prices vary from channel to channel and from seller to seller. The most interesting feature is that it provides channels with various content types from entertainment, sports, to education and travel. You can pick up any channel based on your preferences. It also has a wide range of filters like price, subscribers and niche which makes the process more convenient.


Lenos comes with amazing services for people who want to make money through YouTube channels. All the channels provided on this platform are monetized and you can start making money instantly. Here, the channels have more than 2000 subscribers and the watch hours are more than 4000. This saves much of your efforts in building your YouTube channel. It also provides benefits of some add-on features which makes the platform more demanding.

Some of these features include a website, graphics, campaigns and organic promotions. Here, the cost of a monetized YouTube channel is $669. Lenos package also offers some free content to the users. In case your channel does not get approved for monetization, Lenos will give you a complete refund.

Static King

If you are looking for a YouTube monetized channel, Static King is the best place. If you want to just create top-quality content and spend the rest of your time without worrying about getting traffic, this is your platform. Static King will bring authentic traffic from genuine users and this will be very beneficial in the promotion of your channel. This traffic can become your regular followers and you can easily earn through ads.

This site too will help you get a global audience. The price of YouTube channels on this platform is $616. The channels have all the necessary specifications for enabling monetization. The site takes about ten days to deliver the service.

YouTube Fame

Do you want to be a successful Youtuber? YouTube Fame is one of the best service providers which can help you become a famous YouTuber. You just need to upload 60 minutes of top-quality video content. After this, you will be able to buy a monetization package. The price of the YouTube monetization package is $136.

The packages provided by YouTube Fame are the best for beginners. After making a purchase, it needs around 15 days to deliver your channel.

Summing Up

Now you know everything you need to consider before buying a YouTube channel. We have also suggested some of the best available websites to buy legit YouTube channels. Buying YouTube channels from the above-listed websites will ensure that you get the traffic and start earning money as soon as possible.

If you buy a channel that is enabled for monetization, you already have a fanbase for your channel. You can turn these followers into regular viewers easily. Therefore, within a short period of time, you can become a popular YouTuber and at the same time, make some extra income by following your passion.

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