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How To Transfer Money From Your Union Bank Account to Other Banks

Written by Chidera

Do you own a Union Bank account but don’t know about the awesome new packages that come with owning an account with them? Do you still visit the bank each time you want to transfer money or funds to your friends and loved ones?

Well, banking has gotten much easier, you no longer need to visit the bank each time you need to do that interbanking transfer, All you need is to follow this easy instructions and tutorial which i will be explain to you in easy steps, Do read on.

union bank transfer code

Union Bank Transfer Code – Step by Step Procedure

There are many ways and methods to which you can transfer funds from your Union bank account to other bank accounts. But, i will show you two beautiful ways to which you can transfer funds with ease. Do stick around and find out more.

Union Bank Mobile banking platform

The Union bank mobile banking app is a very cool app that makes about 90% of your banking needs way easier. All you have to do is follow this steps

  • Register at this Url for Union Bank internet banking
  • Enter your account number and follow the instructions that follow
  • Visit your App store and download the Union bank mobile App (Download from PlayStore if you an Android user. Download from Apple Store if you are an iOS user).
  • Accept the terms and conditions
  • Enter the account number
  • An OTP will be sent to your registered mobile phone number
  • Choose a new transaction PIN
  • Choose a username and password and submit

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What do you require to use the Union bank mobile app

  • An internet enabled phone
  • You must register online for internet banking (Union online user)
  • Just go to this URL to get registered on the Union online banking platform

How to use the Union Bank mobile App to transfer funds

  • Launch your Union Bank mobile app
  • Login using your union online password and username
  • Navigate the menu button and select “Send money”
  • Enter the recipients account details
  • Click submit, its all easy

Other uses of the Union Bank mobile app

  • You can open an account through this app
  • Account statement and balance Inquiry
  • You can also recharge your phone and pay bills using this service

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Union Bank Mobile Transfer code

The Union Bank mobile transfer code is another awesome and beautiful way to ease up your banking needs.

How to register

  • Dial *826# (Ensure it is on the registered phone number)
  • Enter 1. Activate mobile
  • Enter your account no
  • Enter your other details as requested
  • Generate your 4-digit Pin and get started

How to use the Union Bank USSD code to transfer funds to other banks

To transfer money from your Union Bank account to other banks.

dial *826*1*amount*account no#

To transfer funds to other Union Bank accounts

dial *826*1*amount*account no#

Other services you can do with the Union Bank USSD code

  • You can pay bills and recharge your phone
  • Account statement and Balance inquiry
  • and so much more

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Union Bank Mobile Transfer code Limitations

  • Daily transfer limit of N200,000
  • Transfer charges for every transfer done through this platform is N52.50
  • You can only recharge up to N20,000 airtime a day

There are a lot of positive things that come with having total control of your banking and financial needs, why not choose a platform to help ease your banking today. You can also use all platforms at the same time, it is all possible. If you need more help on how this tutorial works, kindly place a comment below.

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