US Bank Customer Service Email, Number, Full Contact Details

US Bank Customer Service


US Bank customer service number, email, live chat and full contact details are all in this short post. This article aims at giving you all you need to contact US  Bank Customer service agents for complaints and inquiries.

US Bank Customer service

The US Bank is also known as U.S Bancorp and is the 7th largest bank among the banks in America.  In this article, we are going to show you the various ways to reach the US Bank customer service without hurdles. The US Bank proffers many banking platforms including Investment banking, mortgage banking, commercial baking and so on.

The other day, we shared the various ways to contact Bank of America customer service representatives. The U.S. Bank Customer Care service offers many numerous ways for you to make all your inquiries and complaints at any time and any day. All complaints and inquiries made via any of the US Bank customer care will be addressed as quick as possible. No need to make the trip to the U.S Bank branch offices, you can get everything you need from the comfort of your home.

US Bank Customer Service.

  1. Account Inquiries: you can call the US bank customer care to make inquiries about your Account balance, checks, withdrawals and Deposits. Whatever you need concerning your account can be addressed through this service.
  2. Funds transfer: you can initiate funds transfer to your friends, family and beneficiaries through their customer support.
  3. Open an account: You can request a new account and get details on how to process it as well as information on all types of bank accounts offered by the U.S. Bank.
  4. Loans: You can apply for loans and credit cards through their customer service as well as find out the status of your support.
  5. Products and services: You can get information on all new products and services with ease directly through the U.S. bank Customer care service desk.

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US Bank Customer Service phone numbers.

  • For General Assistance: call 800- US Banks or 800 872 2557 ( 24 hours a week).
  • Cardmember services:  call 800 285 8585
  • New accounts: 800 653 2174
  • For Login Assistance: call 877 202 0043 ( available every day from 6 am to 11 pm)
  • Fraud centre: 877 595 6256 ( available  Monday to Saturdays from 6 am to 2 am)
  • Business service centre: 800 763 3555 ( available 7 am to
  • Mortgage: 800 365 7772 ( available 7am to 8pm)

Other phone numbers for specific zones.

You can also use specific customer care numbers to call major locations through these numbers.

  • Cincinnati Metro ——— 5136324141
  • Denver Metro ———— 303 585 8585
  • Milwaukee Metro —— 414 765 4636
  • Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro ——- 612- US Banks (612 872 2657)
  • Portland Metro   ———- 503- US Banks (503 872 2657)
  • St. Louis Metro     ———- 314 425 2000
  • All other locations —— 800 US Banks (800 872 2657)
  • TDD- All locations —– 800 685 5065

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US Bank Customer Service Email.

US Bank customer care can be accessed via email through Contact this service 24/7 anytime.

The services is quite easy for us. If you also want quick and easy answers to your questions, all you need do is visit this page and check out all insights into every banking services US bank has to offer.

If you do need more help,  you can place a comment and we would be happy to explain more to you.

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