How ATM works

How to use ATM Card: Step by Step Guide

Learn how to use ATM card for the first time. With the ATM card giving to you by your bank, you can use it to withdraw money and do other transactions on the ATM machine.

Our banks and card issuers don’t provide ATM user guide or manuals when issuing out ATM cards to their customers. In my opinion, I think they should start doing that for the sake of the newbies who are using ATM card for the first time.

If this is your first time of using ATM card, don’t be shy to learn how the ATM works. Every expert you meet today all started as a beginner one day. Before we move on, I want to quickly tell you how the ATM works generally…

How does the ATM Machine works?

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With your ATM debit card, you can do so many transactions on the ATM machines. You can use ATM card to withdraw money from the machine if the card is activated. It can also be used to check your account balance with ease. With an ATM machine, you can also make a payment transfer to your friends or business associates within the same bank and other banks too.

Like the country where I came from, apart from using the ATM machine to withdraw money, we also use it to buy airtime or recharge our phones, pay government utility bills and we also use it to make cash deposits and so on.

So you can see that the ATM is very useful in our time.

How to Use ATM Card to Withdraw Money.

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  1. Insert Your Card into the ATM machine’s slot
  2. Enter your 4-digit PIN when it prompts you for it and click “ENTER” button (It’s usually green).
  3. Ignore other Options and choose “WITHDRAWAL
  4. Choose your account type from the options (SAVINGS, CURRENT, FIXED etc)
  5. Select the Amount You want to Withdraw or enter it manually by clicking “Other” button.
  6. It’s going to ask you if you will need a receipt for the transaction (Either press YES or NO).
  7. Collect your cash and remove your ATM card from the slot within 30 seconds

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ATM Tips:

  • Ensure nobody is watching over your shoulders when inputting your PIN
  • If it displays this message “Unable to dispense cash“, it simply means that there’s no money in that ATM machine so it is advisable you try another machine.
  • When inserting your card into the ATM slot, ensure the part which has the golden chip is facing up.
  • If you are using the ATM for the first time, it is advisable you use the ATM machine when nobody is there. So that you can spend at least 5 minutes to study how the ATM works

Using the ATM to transfer moneyhow to use ATM card to transfer money

Yes, aside from making withdrawals, you can also use ATM card to transfer funds to another account. That’s what I’m about showing you right now.

  1. Insert your card into the ATM slot
  2. Enter your 4 digit PIN and press “CONTINUE
  3. Choose “TRANSFER” from the list of options.
  4. Choose if the recipient account is Savings, Current or Fixed by pressing the corresponding key.
  5. Correctly enter the account number of the recipient and press “ENTER” on the Keypad.
  6. Select the Bank of the receiver from the list of options. Once you press the Enter key, it will automatically display the name of the receiver on the screen for confirmation. If it is correct, then go ahead
  7. Press “Continue”

I am glad you finally know how to use ATM card given to you. Please consider sharing this simple tutorial with your friends.

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