How to Use Xender App To Transfer Apps & Documents

It was very difficult in those days to send and receive files like videos, music and apps from your mobile phones through Bluetooth. Hence, it is the online methods to share files back then. If you use Bluetooth, you will have to wait for a very long time to send large files to another phone. But today, it has become history since the intervention of fast file sharing apps like Flash Share, ShareIt, Xender. Though, Xender tends to be the best file sharing app for now. So today, I’ll be showing you the step by step procedure on how to use Xender to share your apps, videos, Audios files and other documents.

How Xender App Works

The Xender application uses your phone Wi-Fi Connection to share your files to other phones using Xender. It does not require internet connection or cables to transfer files but the sender’s phone must be in close range with the other (recipient) phone for the app to work optimally. To transfer large files between two Mobile phones using Xender is just a matter of minutes but both phones must have the application installed. Using Xender app is not as difficult as you think. This guide has it all. Let’s get started.

How to Download & Use Xender to transfer files between Android Phones

1. Launch Your Google Play Store App.

This is quite easy if you have the pre-installed Play Store app on your Android phone already. If you don’t have the Play Store App, Just visit Play Store through the link here. If you have app the Play Store app, open it from your phone.

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2. Search & Install “Xender” from Play Store

Search for the term “Xender” and select it from the list of suggestions as shown in the image below. Download it and it will be installed automatically on your phone.

Xender Download

3. Launch the App on Both phones

After Successful installation of the Xender app, you have to launch the app on the two phones to start sharing files via Xender. Be reminded that to use the Xender app to transfer your files, you must intstall the app on the receiver’s phone too.

how to use Xender-featured-image

5. Tap “Send” on Your Screen

If you wish to send your files across to other phone, Tap Send or select the Receive option if you are the recipient. Once you click on Send, the other phone should select Receive. It will take a couple of seconds for the connection to initiate on your phone. It will show the other device on your screen; prompting you to connect to it. Select it and it will be connected immediately.


how to use Xender

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6. Select the Files or Apps and click “Send”

Select the apps or other files you wish to share with the other phone and click Send.

Start to Use Xender

To use Xender is not difficult. Is it? The key reasons why we use Xender is because of the speed at which it transfers large files. You can use Xender to transfer very large videos or files running into Gigabytes within few minutes without waiting for several hours.

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