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Using E-mail as Marketing Tool

Written by Abe Cherian

Email Marketing is an essential tool of growing any form of business. As we were told early days of College, anything a man does to make a living is regarded as business. I’m not in-line with this definition because, a business should be legally acceptable by the public, otherwise drug trafficking could be seen as a business. Then marketing it in regards to my topic will be very impossible.

It will be senseless for any enterprise yelling for growth to ignore the relevance of marketing. It does not matter whether the business is young or old, small or large as far is inspire to grow. Growth is a driving factor of every business. This bring me to the born of contention, Email Marketing. As a matter of fact, I have utilized it, though it has been in used for a while now, but its efficiency is still making impact as online marketing tool.

Email marketing as the name implies, is another digital form of marketing that enable sellers of goods and services create awareness of a particular goods or services to the general public through the use of electronic mailing. It’s becoming an efficient way to stay connected with your customers or clients without spending a lot of money.


Email marketing software has become a valuable tool for many website owners and bloggers. With my experience over the years, I can boldly say it is meeting marketing targets. So, when you think of marketing your product or service, think of email marketing and try it out.

Forms of Email Marketing

The following are the forms of email marketing that may help to boost your sales:

Newsletter Emails: This is a nice means of giving your clients or customers relevant information regarding your products or services on regular intervals. It will interest you to know that Newsletters has persuasive advantage by establishing regular channel of communication with your subscribers.
Note that Newsletters is more of a means of maintaining already existing relationship than bringing in new customers. It is relevant because if don’t maintain your relationship with your customers, they may leave you for another competitor. In not too obvious way, Newsletter still brings in new customers.

Welcome Emails: As the name implies, it is used to entice when someone first sign up to your mailing. It creates credibility, a sense of appreciation, trust, reliable and enhances your products or services. This confirms their subscriptions and sets in an expectation.

Dedicated Emails: This is often used or sent by the majority of enterprises. They are dedicated or focused on a particular topic that may either be a new product or service, news announcement regarding their brand. This is very efficient and reliable. It is also easy to setup and send. Also they are very easy to track.

Lead Nurturing Emails: This is another form of email marketing that is set to turn targeting subscribers into customers. Though, it can be time consuming and it can be effective if consistently done. This increase brand awareness and trust.

Transactional Emails: These are kinds of emails that targeted after a client or customer complete a certain action that could be he/she having a abandon a cart on your site. Transactional emails could be used to after few days later to remind him/her to check out.

Is Email marketing important? Yes!

The importance of Email Marketing in this digital era cannot be underestimated. This is based on the fact that Email Marketing is actually adding values to businesses, meeting targeted audience, boosting sales, creating awareness of business brand and staying connected with your customers. The advantages of Email marketing are the fact that they are inexpensive, simple and quick to use, relationship focus, measurable, action oriented, mobile and globally accessible and personal and customizable.


Recently, while I was browsing through pages, I saw something that interests me. You may want to know what it was. I came across a website dedicated to Email Marketing solely. This implies that, there are persons or companies that majorly focus on Email Marketing as a business or career. This may be as a result of research and discovery that a person or company can earn a living through this method of marketing. Therefore, it is relevant to say that Email Marketing is a strong tool boosting marketability of any organization that tap into this method of marketing.

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