10 Best Valentine’s Day Apps for Android And iPhone

You know, mobile technology has made life very special and a bit easy. However, for you to understand what I’m talking about, let us explore the topic today, Valentine’s Day app. This mobile app has almost wiped out the use of normal greeting cards. They designed this app with the unique functionality of helping mobile users feel special and loved. Also, this app creates awareness about digital greeting cards and give mobile users ways to show love, feel special and romantic.

I know many of you guys love romance, well this is a perfect app to make your spouse or fiance feel the deep love and romance you have for them. I know it feels exciting already, and without delay, let us quickly list and analyze 10 of the best Valentine’s Day apps available to mobile users around the world, whether Android or iOS.

10 Best Valentine’s Day Apps for Android And iPhone

  1. Countdown to Valentine’s Day App

Valentine’s Day App-Countdown to Valentine’s Day App

This iOS app is a countdown program specifically designed for Valentine’s Day. When you go through the app stores, you’ll see different countdown apps to Christmas, Easter and even seasons like summer. This Valentine’s Day app shows the days left until Valentine. It also includes romantic animation light and red hearts to compliment it. Users can also make digital greeting cards and share them on social platforms with this app.

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  1. Valentine’s Day Photo Frames

Valentine’s Day app- Photo Frames

This romantic app is loaded with a huge collection of beautiful and very lovely photo frames. If are actually planning on doing a photo shoot with your spouse or girlfriend, you could use one of these frames to design those photographs. Also, you can share them on social media platforms and have your friends and family members comment or simply print them for the House. It’s a very unique app.

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  1. Love Songs & Valentine Radio

Love Songs & Valentine Radio

A Valentine radio of this kind is the perfect company for couples who are genuinely in love and love very romantic music. In addition, this is that type of mobile app, with the perfect love songs for a romantic dinner or candlelight event. You can stream music using your stereo or connect to multiple radio stations playing love songs on Valentine ’s Day.

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  1. Valentine’s Day Love Keyboard

Valentine's Day app-Keyboard

With the valentine heat coming, and love preparations happening, you don’t want to be left out. Use this app to perfectly design your Android phone with amazing keyboard themes, as you text your loved ones this season. In addition, the themes are 3D with unique fonts, wallpapers, and key tones too. Also, you might be worried about the language problem, especially if you’re from Europe or maybe Africa. Well, your worries are over, this app is available in about 85 languages, which covers about 138 countries. I love it, it’s awesome.

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  1. Valentine’s Day Special by Medoli

Valentine’s Day app-Valentine’s Day Special by Medoli

Looking for that one app, to keep you full of love and alive, try this one for free. With it, you can send surprise love texts to your spouse and even text messages to your family. It can also tell historic tales of how Valentine ’s Day turned out to be, with exciting features. Like romantic GIF’s, SMS and love poems. In addition, it has additional features like a love meter, love tester and love horoscope is included too. These functions help to keep you warm, happy and alive with your loved ones and family members as you spend the holidays.

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  1. Valentine Day Special

Valentine Day Special 2019

Do you want to access the coolest collection of love articles, greetings and even status for social media platforms? Sweetheart, you are at the right spot, never let any valentines day pass, without showing your feeling of love. Also, this Valentine season is the one for you. Download this app to enjoy amazing features like a love calculator and love meter for romantic couples.

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  1. Valentine’s Day GIF

Valentine’s Day app-Valentine’s Day GIF 2019

Celebrate this special day with this amazing Valentine ’s Day app. It has animated GIF’s only. Also, as you chat with your loved ones and social peers, use this GIF to demonstrate particular feelings of love and affection. Furthermore, the app is loaded with a great collection of animated love GIF’s that will last you for a long long time.  Never get worried about the kind of expression to use while you text as this app has all you need. In addition, it has the option to save GIF that you can use later included.

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  1. Happy Valentine’s Day App

Valentine's Day app-Day App 2019

Send beautiful Valentine’s Day wishes and quotes to your friends, colleagues, and relatives this season with this application. It includes a beautiful I love you greeting card for valentine. Also, it has amazing HD wallpaper, themes, and support for different languages. In addition, it has special greetings cards for special moments too. Download your own app immediately.

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  1. Valentine Day Photo Collage

Valentine's Day app Photo Collage

Get ready to make amazing Valentine’s Day photos with unique layouts and design for an awesome collage. Also, do you know that with this app has options to select multiple photos for a photo collection, using hundreds of layouts? Well, this is true, and it just got better, because not only can you use layouts, you also have access to stunning photo filters. In addition, it has amazing stickers with a host of other photo editing features to back them up. What are you waiting for make that awesome valentine photo collage?

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  1. Valentine Photo Frames

Valentine's Day app- Photo Frames

Create romantic photos with very beautiful frames, and add text to your pictures and share your frame pictures with your friends on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and even Gmail. It also includes a variety of frames, stickers, filters and more. These functions will help you to design that perfect valentine’s day picture you deserve.

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Romance is the air, don’t wait for someone to make you feel loved first before you show them back. Take the bold step to make those around you feel the special season of valentine with a valentine’s day app. Send multiple greeting cards, love quotes, and messages to your friends, spouse, relatives, and even the general public. Get these mobile apps today.

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