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10 Best Video Compressor Apps for Android And iPhone

Video files are measurably large files, and could sometimes pose a threat to mobile device storage. As too many video files means low storage risk for mobile users. It is also sometimes difficult to share this video files, as their large size makes it longer and more difficult to share or send them to other devices. A measurably means and solution to solving this issue is using a good video compressor apps.

best video compressor apps

Video compressor apps have the capability of compressing videos and reducing file size, making it easier to store, share and upload on mobile platforms like social media, cloud drives and even mobile phone drives (Memory Card). In this article is a very compiled list of 10 best video compressor apps for your android or iOS device.

Top 10 best Video Compressor apps (android/iPhone) 2019

  1. Smart Video Compressor

Smart Video Compressor

Generally, iPhones have a good camera and video quality, which makes the recording of videos and taking of images relatively large in size. Sharing and uploading of these files may use more data and time. With a video compressor app like smart video compressor, compressing videos in 720p, VGA and Mp4 formats is relatively fast and very easy. This app compress about 70 t0 80 percent of the original video size and Notably one of the best video compressor apps for iPhone and iOS devices.

  1. Video Compressor – Fast Compress Video and Photo

Video compressor apps range in different sizes and quality across all platforms. To easily compress videos and reduce files in general. Users must consider video compressor apps that are fast, easy to use and understand with a large range in compressing files, both in terms of quality and format. Video compressor has all these amazing qualities and more. It is considered one of the best video compressor app for android devices.

  1. Video Compress – Reduce Movie size, Shrink Video

Video compress is a quality video compressor app, available to iOS devices only. With amazing capabilities like compressing video files and making it very easy to share and store. Cool features like simple user interface, video exporting and video file sharing.

  1. Video Compressor by Android Pixels

This Video compressor app is another great tool used to compress video files from the original (large) file to smaller or new file size. Video formats like mp4, 720p, and HD can be easily compressed by this app without it losing its original quality. Additional options like compressing video files for websites is can be done more accurately with this app. Sharing, saving and uploading features are also included. Get this app for android.

  1. Video Compress by Mel Studio apps

A perfect tool is a tool that carries out its task almost perfectly as it described name. Video Compress is a perfect tool for compressing video files and saving them on your mobile device. To use more of your storage, this video compressor app can help you reduce much larger video files making them easy for upload on social media networks and various online platforms. This mobile app supports all video formats and compresses videos files of all quality. Download this app from the PlayStore now.

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  1. Fast Video Compressor

Available for android devices with support for all video formats fast video compressor is an app that allows users compress video files, and store them easily for future purposes. This video compressor app has a simple interface and supports multi-threading functions. It also includes an in-built video library and playback feature for compressed video files.

  1. Video Compress+

Looking for a fast, powerful and simple video compressor app, here is one for you. Video Compress is a video compressor app that compresses videos files easily across all android devices, without losing file quality. Cool features for editing compressed videos are available. With an advance compression mode that supports all video formats exclusively. Compress video files now, with this video compressor app. Download Now from the playstore.

  1. Fast Video Compressor and Size Reducer

An app that can compress and reduce video files in seconds is here. I’m talking about the easy and very simple to use video compressor for android. Fast Video compressor and size reducer, with a pleasant design and easy to use interface, this app can compress video files in almost all video formats and quality. It also has an in-built music player app too. Get fast video compressor on the playstore now.

  1. Panda Video Compressor

Are you wondering how to compress video files, quickly without losing too much of the video quality in the process? Panda video compressor is the best video resizer and compression tool to help you with this task. You can now easily compress videos and upload them quickly, without spending much. Also, More storage space can be saved with this video compressor app. Get panda for android now.

  1. Compress Video by Locteck Solutions

To reduce memory usage and also compress videos quickly is easy and simple to do with compress video android app. This app has a very simple user interface and supports all video formats. To access and fully utilize all its features, download this video compressor app now on the playstore.


These Video compressor apps will generally enable you, to compress video files like movies, music videos, short clip videos and more, retaining their quality and available file format. They also make video files easy to save and upload, helping users saving more storage and data in the process. Download this video compressor app for android and iOS platforms.

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