10 Best Video Converter Apps for Android and iOS

If you have a smart device, a feature that comes with it is access to camera and videos. Furthermore, as you use your camera, you can also make videos. But the problem with these videos is the size. They are usually too large and like you, this has always bothered me. Thankfully, due to technological advancement there are apps that can solve both the size problem and conversion of the video into different formats and audios. In addition, these apps that turn videos into smaller sizes and different file formats, are called video converter apps.

Video Converter Apps

In this post we will list 10 best video converter apps for you to use on your Android and iOS devices. Let us see them quickly.

10 Best Video Converter Apps for Android and iOS

  1. Files Converter

Video Converter Apps-Files ConverterThis app allows you to convert your video files very easily and it is also available for you to download on your iOS devices. The app is quite popular and allows you to convert your videos into various formats. So, you can convert videos into keynote files, pages, and numbers into adobe PDF format.

  1. Media Converter

Video Converter Apps-Media ConverterThis is another app that you can download on your Android devices. As part of the video converter apps, it also allows you to convert videos into mp4, mp3, avi, gif, ogg file formats. Furthermore, it has one feature which allows you use the extract of the audio format as a ringtone.

  1. The File Converter

Video Converter Apps-The File ConverterThe file converter is one of the other apps presented to you as a video converter that you can use. You can also download this app on your Android and your iOS devices. In addition this app allows you to convert not just video files but also audio files and other things like eBooks, images, spreadsheets and presentations.

  1. Total Video Converter

Video Converter Apps-Total Video ConverterTotal Video Converter is another amazing app that you can use very effectively. Like the other video converter apps, it also presents you with a lot of features such as the option that allows you to burn videos into DVD’s and record screen play, to a lot more other features. The app is quite easy to use and you can get it on your iOS devices.

  1. iConverter

iConverterThis app is also a popular app that you can use very easily. The app comes in two versions, a free version and a purchasable version. The difference between the two is that each has separate features that differ from the other. Similarly, the app allows you do the basic things that other apps in this list do like, converting your videos in different formats on your iOS devices.

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  1. Video Converter Android

Video Converter AndroidVideo Converter Android is another great app that you can use quite easily on your devices. The app allows you to convert video formats in other formats you want. As the name implies, you would know it is available for Android users.  One feature it gives you is to allow you to select the start and end time of the video that you want extract as you convert it.

  1. Any Video Converter

Any Video ConverterAny Video Converter is a good app to also use to convert your video into any format you desire. It has a lot of tools on it that it you can use. That is why it is in this list of the best video converter apps. The tools include allowing you use it as a video downloader online, a video editor, and a video converter. The app also has a free and a purchasable version that you can use on your Android and iOS devices.

  1. iConvert

iConvertAs part of the video converter apps that you can download on your Android devices. The app allows you do what the other apps in this article do. That is to support most of the file formats from the audio to video to document and more. Furthermore, it also has a free and purchasable version.

  1. 1-Click Video Converter

1-Click Video Converter1-Click Video Converter is another great app that you can use with ease when you want to convert video into any format. In addition, it is available for iOS devices and you can convert a lot of video files into M2TS, MTS and more.

  1. Vizmato

VizmatoThis app is very easy to use as you download it on your Android and your iOS devices. However, it is also the last app we are presenting to you in this article that allows you to do a lot. Furthermore, the app like the other apps allows you to input the images and audio among other things and to convert them.


There are a lot of apps that do not allow you do a lot on your Android and your iOS devices. However, we have specially selected these video converter apps with unique features that will enable you convert your videos into different file formats. Use them and share your experience here.

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