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video editing servicesIt’s amazing when you capture the entire event on tape. Now that doesn’t sound right; know why? It’s the digital era. What does this mean? High definition motion picture, that’s what. Imagine this, your entire event captured and stored digitally for life. Now that’s really catchy, isn’t it? We are talking about: Weddings, Wedding anniversaries, Birthdays, Graduation, your child’s first day at school, or even better; your child’s entire growing up phases. It’s the world of Film/Video editing, and we make it a dream come true for everyone at NOLLY TECHNOLOGIES

Do we have skeptics out there saying to themselves: “What’s the big deal about NOLLY TECHNOLOGIES anyway?” Interesting that you asked because, we totally love the challenge and we are proud of our professionalism touch. So in this article, we would educate and entertain you with the beauty of Film/Video editing. Just like Hollywood, only this time we direct while you sit back and enjoy the ride.

The world has gone hyper-creativity and so have we. Video editing has gone beyond the aspect of “out with the bad, in with the good.” These days we are in the era of creating an experience out of that video of yours. Imagine an ordinary wedding video with all its boring features, the Bridal train, the Bridal makeover, the Wedding vows, and of course “the Kiss”. If the kiss takes the spotlight alone, then it’s probably boring because it’s typical. Now imagine this: a wedding movie with your name and your partner’s as the main casts. The buildup to the show, the trailer setting the stage, we are talking about playing with your video clips in such a way that the great Hollywood Producers would be astounded. Get ready for the making of your wedding produced with the creativity of Hollywood.

Am quite sure you totally get the concept of having a photo album for your special event. Let’s take it up one notch; a photo movie starring you. Imagine all your lovely photos, in the right sequence, together in a movie with the best music playing on the background. It would be engaging. It would be entertaining. It would be an experience. You would remember your birthdays as though you were reliving the moment all over again. It’s also a splendid way to entertain your guests. They have been following movies like GAME OF THRONES, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE, and SCANDAL long enough. It’s time they felt the same excitement about the next season of your photo movie. It’s bound to be sensational indeed!

Documentaries can be such a captivating and engaging piece of work. It’s about turning an exposition into a narrative. No better way to achieve this than with a well edited video. You get to capture the audience with a wonderful soundtrack, continuity, transition and the likes. So whether it’s for a school project or for a biography; the outcome remains the same: quality video editing is second to none.

Video Editing, the Nollytech Way

You know the lovely thing about video editing? It offers more solutions than questions. We are talking about beauty and creativity at its finest.It’s a world of make believe, and that’s what professional tools at our disposal can do for you. However, that not all there is to it. Imagine the infamous ship. the RMS Titanic. It was a magnificent ship indeed; built to withstand all the elements the ocean could throw at it. We are talking tidal waves, sea weeds, fierce storms and even icebergs. Guess what though? Even though the integrity of the Titanic was without doubt, that of the Captain of the ship was. Unfortunately, a number of lives were lost when the Titanic submerged. What is the moral of this story? You could have the best tools in the market, but it takes professionals to produce a work of true beauty really. So save your event the ill-fated demise of the passengers aboard the Titanic and give your videos to NOLLY TECHNOLOGIES.

With NOLLY TECHNOLOGIES, being professional is our profession. Welcome to our world. Why NOLLY TECHNOLOGIES? Well that’s an article for yet another day.


It’s like a race into the future of digital film/video editing; only this race is neither a sprint nor a marathon. This is like an automobile race. Like our competition, we have the best software tools in the world. Unlike our competition, we have the best team in Nigeria and Africa. How can you be sure of this? Three words really. Now wouldn’t you like to know?


You’ve probably heard the word a thousand times before, but have you see it manifest in a video? You’ve probably not? So the question now would be: would you like to see creativity in your video? We no longer play in the same sandbox as other video editors in Nigeria; we have our eyes set on Africa. Blazing the trail is what we do. We lead the initiative with new softwares and concepts alien to our competitors. What we do is like virtual reality; you can’t tell if the event was in the past or if it is happening right now. Nolly Technologies works with the future, not the now. So if you need to see creativity as a video; your best bet would be to work with us. Let’s turn your video into a sensation.


“If it can’t be done, then it’s because you haven’t met us.” This isn’t just a catch-phrase to convince you about us. It’s our symbol. We never believe it is impossible once the mind can conceive it. For the mind to conceive it clearly means it exists in a different realm of possibility. Our job at Nolly Technologies is to bring that possibility into your video as reality. So let your imagination run wild, we have the right platform and team to support your imagination. We never work with stereotypes; we give birth to dream-realities.


Sure! I know the look in your eyes right now. What has friendship got to do with anything? Friendship has to do with everything. As your friend we take your video project like our own. We take it up as a challenge that needs to be concluded on time too. As your friend you are guaranteed excellent feedback and reasonable charges. As your friend we let you in on latest improvements in the video editing world, so your work can keep on improving with the trends. As your friend we listen to what you have to say and giving you advice when the need arises. To us you are not just a customer; you are a friend. So wouldn’t you like to be friends with us?

Right now the question would be: “Why is Nolly Technologies the best video editing company in Nigeria and Africa? It’s because we understand what it truly means to be the best at what we do: it takes passion.

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