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10 Best Video Player Apps for Android And iPhone

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Videos are one of the best mobile content the world has ever seen. To access different video content, mobile users have to be really equipped with the right tools for the task. This is why video player apps were developed. Also, with multiple video formats on the web, you are going to need a very good video player that is compatible with all formats.

Video player apps

Well, that problem of compatibility with all file formats has already been solved and you do not need to search any further. We have done all the searching for you on this article. Therefore, here is a list of 10 of the best video player apps for mobile devices, Android and iOS. So, all you need to do now is to select and, download the app that suits your phone specifications.

10 Best Video Player Apps for Android And iPhone

  1. MoboPlayer

video player app-MoboPlayer

Mobo player popularly known as Mobo is a commonly used video player that supports all video formats. The app has features for subtitle, playlist, continuous playback and even streaming protocols. Mobo also includes additional plug-in with which users use to increase the much-needed functionalities while watching videos.

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  1. HD Video Player Pro

HD Video Player Pro

Just like its name, this app is a high definition video player that automatically identifies all the videos files on your device. It contains video management features too, that allows a user to create private video folders for sensitive contents. You can also save, delete and rename video files with this app. More features like an HD playback feature, mp3 player and equalizer are programmed on the app.

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  1. New Video Player 2019

New Video Player 2019

You can automatically load all your video files into this app for easy access to multimedia files. As this mobile app arranges and organizes your video files for easy accessing. It also supports all video formats, audio file formats and can play both mp3 and mp4 contents even in HD. Furthermore, it includes more features like music playback, video resume and multiple themes for personalization.

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  1. Archos Video Player Free

Archos Video Player Free

I know Archos sounds Greek like, but believe me, apart from the Greek name, this video player app has got some real power. It generally supports all video formats including MKV, AVI, and even FLV, with various subtitles types too. It’s very amazing features include a server and NAS support with an external USB storage support. Archos has a very modern interface and contains simple controls and video information.

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  1. BSPlayer Free

video player app-BSPlayer Free

Another great video player, on our list today is BS video player. This video player is rich with lots of multimedia supportive features like hardware decoding, hardware accelerated playback and streaming networks. Also, its subtitle support and ability to play compressed files is a key feature on this app. Similarly, you can also have a pop-up window if you want.

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  1. Video Player all Format – XPlayer

Video Player all Format – XPlayer

Amazingly and just like the all video player app, this one supports all video formats. With an enhanced feature like hardware acceleration and multimedia file protection. Also, it has the ability to cast videos to smart TV devices with Chromecast and, supports subtitles and many more. It also includes a Night mode, quick mute and playback speed function. Additional options like an in-built video manager that manages all video files both on the phone and SD is available for the task.

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  1. Oplayer Lite – Video Player

Oplayer Lite

Experience a new way of watching videos, with this video player app. This app has a beautiful interface with easy to navigate options, and unlike other media players for iOS platforms, it supports a single hand mode for controlling video play. Its major features include multiple video format support, multiple streams, and background plays.

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  1. Play Xtreme Video Player

video player app-Play Xtreme Video Player

Play Xtreme is one if not the best video player app for iOS devices. It is rich in features and supportive all the way. You can view almost all video contents on this app, because of its in-built programs. But also because of, it’s easy to browse interface and a wide range of network services. With this app, you can also increase and decrease video sound and add subtitles in real-time.

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  1. MxPlayer – Video Player App


MxPlayer has been around for a long time and just like other video player apps, it is one of the best in the job of playing video content. Downloaded by millions of users around the world this app supports all video formats. It also has a beautiful interface and features like hardware decoding, hardware acceleration, playback speed and many more. In addition, it has a kid lock platform for kids and supports virtually every codec out there.

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  1. VLC For Mobile

video player app-VLC For Mobile

VLC is definitely my favorite video player on the list today. It plays almost anything from local video files to HD multimedia content. It is the bomb of all video player apps and has consistently stayed on top of the list. Just like its counterparts, it supports multiple subtitle features, Teletext and closed captions. While it has the power to readily arrange and sort all media files on mobile devices, this app is also powerful enough to control minimal options like volume, aspect ratio adjustments, brightness, and even audio headset control.

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In conclusion, this is not the full list of the best video player apps. However, these are the most popular video player app among mobile users for all multimedia activities. But I personally recommend that you choose from the above list for your personal use and I assure you that you would experience a new way of viewing videos on your mobile device. Get these applications now.

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