Top 10 Vine Editor Apps for Android And iOS

There are a lot of vine editing apps out there today. You will find the best apps for you to download and putting you in total control of the settings and features that come along with it. The apps let you edit, direct and create as many unlimited vines you want in a matter of hours. This way, you can also be part of the millions of vine director and editors, so below I will be listing the 10 best vine editor apps for Android and iOS.

best vine editor apps

Top 10 Best Vine Editor Apps for Android and iOS

  1. Video Reverse

video reverseThis is one of the top apps that allow you to simplify your way into creating and editing a video with the greatest ease. You can get in on your Android and iOS. It has a lot of features laid in its options allowing you to work with efficiency. You can trim-cut out whatever you want, add effects and more. Video Reverse like the name allows you reverse videos you make backwards in the number of speed you want. Easily allowing you to add videos from anywhere you want either from your gallery or outer places.

  1. VivaVideo

viva videoVivaVideo is part of other amazing vine editor apps that allow you to edit videos pleasantly and with speed. It allows you to add video clips to the list of clips it has and allows you to cut out things you do not want on the video, you can easily make slideshows and more. Other interesting features include letting you add music from your library and using different texts and change their fonts. Useable if you use an Android or an iOS device, this app will give you an amazing experience.

  1. Lomotif

lomotifLomotif is another feature graceful app that allows you add your personal music and browse for free 30-seconds pieces from your iTunes if you use an iPhone. Various things to be done on this app from complete editing, adding on the amazing filters and combining them into short vines. After you have done this all, you can easily save the videos and watch it like the editor you are, on your Android or iOS.

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  1. KineMaster

kinemasterKineMaster gives you the feel of a movie editor, allowing you to feel the most better, knowledgeable and creative. This app will make you create short video clips with the necessary tools you need and allows you to add the effects and more things to make your editing sophisticated. KineMaster supports a wide range of videos in formats of MP4, MOV, 3GP and more. Its pictures also include WebP, BMP, JPEG and more. You can see why it is part of an amazing list of vine editing apps, you can do this on your Android or iOS.

  1. Funimate

funimateThis app allows you to do amazing things with its feature as the other apps in this article of vine editors. The Funimate mobile app is available on your Android and iOS devices.
The features of this app include making you draw effects on your device screen videos, also sound effects, special music and more.


  1. Videoshop

videoshopThis app allows you to add music, sound effects, drawings and more to your videos. Videoshop is easy for you to get on your Android and iOS devices. The app allows you to adjust the speed on the video you are making either to be fast or slow. Among other things, this app gives you the editing you want in high quality, working efficiently.

  1. VideoShow

videoshowPart of this vine editor apps is where you will be definite to find VideoShow. It makes it easy for you to capture on this app as you try to edit, it also gives you incredible features on the ride along. Coming with tons of built-in effects, allowing you to choose any, it will serve you at an amazing comfort on your Android or iOS devices.

  1. FilmoraGo

filmoragoDownload this app as soon as you can because its features are rocket sky different from what the other vine editing apps in this article will offer you. Apart from allowing you to create vine videos, it lets you download videos from sources you want to your liking. Then it allows you to trim them and gives you colourful themes you can add to it, also the best music tracks and more like changing fonts and the colour. After all these, the best part is that it lets you save the videos you make in the number of sizes you want. Quickly go get this app on your Android device or your iOS.

  1. Vizmato

vizmatoOn our second to the last app of vine editing apps is where you would find Vizmato. This app is amazing to use like the other apps listed. With incredible features and effects, this app allows you to make videos to your comfort. It has different themes for different things like weddings adventures and more, available on Android and iOS.

  1. Quik

quikThis app shares a similarity with the number of apps listed in the article. Like most vine editing apps, it allows you to create and edit into small sizeable videos.
This app allows you to create a loop on your device be it an Android or iOS.


From creating new vine videos, you would find editing comes with extra ease and no discomfort. The apps on this list consist of the top vine editor apps you would find across the platform of editing apps. So go right ahead and start downloading. I hope you enjoy these selections.

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