10 Best Virtual Cigarette apps (Android/iPhone) 2020

Virtual Cigarette apps are Cigarette simulator programs that replace regular cigarettes for smokers. Also, this app was made for people who love to smoke cigarettes virtually. Addicted tobacco smokers can use these mobile apps to quit smoking, to save both their health and money.

Best Virtual Cigarette Apps

Smoking is better and fun now that you can smoke anywhere, any day and anytime. Let’s quickly explore 10 of these virtual cigarette apps and their amazing features now.

10 Best Virtual Cigarette Apps

  1. E Cigarette For Free

Virtual Cigarette apps-E-cigarette

Virtual cigarette apps give more satisfaction from smoking tobacco. It is free and the absence of toxic substances makes it more beneficial to human health. E-Cigarette for Android devices makes it easier to smoke cigarette direct from your mobile device. Download this app from the PlayStore now to enjoy.

  1. Smoke a Virtual Cigarette App

Virtual Cigarette apps-Smoke a cigarette

Have you ever smoked virtually before? If you haven’t, you can give it a try now. Not only can you smoke with this app, but you can also quit smoking by using this cigarette simulator. Also, it is designed with realistic animation based on smoking practices. To use this simulator to smoke now. Download for Android devices only.

  1. Avoid Smoking

Virtual Cigarette apps-Avoid Smoking

Designed to help chain smokers quit smoking with ease and in a way more enjoyable to them. This app was created with diverse themes and real sound effects that makes users feel like they are actually blowing out cigarette through their breath. An awesome app to have if you are trying to quit smoking. Download for iOS now

  1. iSmoke Free

Virtual Cigarette apps-ismoke free

iSmoke is a more realistic smoking simulator with multiple user options and has one of the best ratings for virtual cigarette apps on the AppleStore. It is 100% safe. You can virtually smoke by inhaling through your microphone and blowing out virtual smoke through your breath. You can also swish the smoke around with your fingers.

  1. Vapor Cigarette Simulator

Vapor Cigarette Simulator

Compatible with iOS devices only. This virtual cigarette app provides very realistic smoking simulations for its users. It is also a good replacement for a cigarette and other tobacco products. It requires an iOS version of 6.0 and above to work optimally.

  1. Phone Smoker – Stop Cigarette and Cigar Smoking Simulator

Phone Smoker

This is another virtual cigarette app, compatible with iOS devices version 6.0 and above. This cigarette simulator provides many options like choosing your favorite cigarette brand, usage of cigarettes with filter and many more. In addition, it can also helps users suffering from tobacco addition to quit smoking and stay healthy. Download this amazing app now.

  1. Simulator Cigarette Vape Joke

Simulator cigarette vape joke

Are you looking for a popular virtual cigarette app for your Android or iPhone device? This cigarette simulator is good and very popular among millions of users around the world.  Furthermore, apart, from its virtual smoking effects, it is also helpful in the fight against tobacco smoking in younger adults. It can also be used without the internet connection and it’s a very user-friendly app.

  1. Virtual Cigarette Smoking Prank

Virtual Cigarette Smoking

Virtual cigarette apps allow you to smoke virtually and that is why some of these apps are highly recommended to chain smokers. In addition, this app was designed for animation on smoking based system and practices. Also, it has high-quality graphics visualization of a cigarette with awesome smoke effects. It offers users more satisfaction too. Download now for Android devices.

  1. Smoking Virtual Cigarettes

Smoking virtual cigarettes

Built with an easy to use interface, this app gives you the smoking satisfaction virtual smoking has to offer. In addition, it is free of toxic effects to compare it to real-time tobacco smoking. It also has realistic animations of smoking that would leave interested users happy and satisfied. Grab a virtual Cigarette for free, Download this app now.

  1. Smoking Virtual Cigarette App

Smoking Virtual Cigarette App

This app is the most realistic smoking simulator for Android devices. You can use it to prank and make smoking jokes with your family, friends or even colleagues. It is highly rated and one of the best virtual cigarette apps for Android worldwide. Try it today.


So, if you love smoking whether in reality or on virtual platforms, these apps are right for you. In addition, you can never run out of cigarettes again, with these virtual cigarette apps. Furthermore, they are free of toxic substances and cost absolutely nothing. Also, you can try them for free now because smoking just got easier, more fun and virtual. Try these apps now, and tell us which one you like more.


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