Top-Rated Voice To Text App (Best For Android And iPhone)

What is the best voice to text app for iPhone or Android? This post talks about 10 best speech to text apps for Android and iPhone.

A lot of people these days do most of their things easily with technologies being created every single day. It does not just end there. The communication world also wants improvements as to creating platforms like voice to text apps that allows whatever you say to the app transform your words into text.

Normally, we talk about smartphone devices and how to use some of the functions and things people do not know about their devices like these features. It might already be installed on your device but you are completely unaware of that knowledge and searching for apps to download with their features.

  1. Google Voice

Voice to text app - Google VoiceThis voice to text app comes from the general custom keyboard made by Google for Android devices and you can get it for iOS also. Once this app is installed, it enables you to do a lot on it as it is universal. You can use it to make calls, listen to music and even allow it to sync to your device. These are the reasons why it is at the top of this article.

  1. Voice Text

voice textVoice Text allows you to communicate with things you need to do like send messages. With this app, you can send emails to friends and loved ones. You can use this app for social networking like your Facebook and WhatsApp without having to lay a finger on your keypad. It is available for download on Google PlayStore and iOS Store.

  1. Google Keyboard

Voice to text app - Google KeyboardThis is a very wide-ranged used app so most people already know about the functions of this app. It is an intelligent voice recognition app that even corrects your wrong speech when you say something grammatically incorrect. Download this app on Android and iOS even if it is a guarantee that it would be on your phone as it is in-built. You can even search for things like emojis that is if you already know the names of the emojis then it would be very easy for you

  1. Voice Dictation

voice dictationThis is another app that is very easy for voice to text that enables you to record whatever you say and send or save it. Its intelligence is so precise that it captures your speech almost as soon as you say it and converts it to words. Its features include it giving you access to multiple languages than one. This voice to text app allows you text and send emails and it is also available for iOS users.

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  1. Text To Speech

text to speechThis app works for both Android and iOS users, it does everything listed in this article. It is an amazing text converting app that is also a good option for people looking to send emails and text messages without having to text with their hands, good for writing a very long message.

  1. Dragon Anywhere

Voice to text app - Dragon AnywhereFor some iOS users asking questions like this “Is there a voice to text app for iPhone?” Dragon Anywhere is an app that allows you to record not only your speeches but your voice whether it is for singing or making sounds out of things you want. It is available for iOS users. It is efficient in editing words you mispronounce or use while recording. You can use it to communicate easily with anyone you want.

  1. TalkBox Voice Messenger

TalkBox Voice MessengerThis is an outstanding app that allows a lot of languages to be used for recording and allows users to select any of the languages they want. It allows users to transform the vocal commands in texts very easily with a clean UI. This app is very convenient for messaging and chatting. This app can be downloaded for Android and iOS. It gives you the capabilities of opening a group chat and communicating with people easily all by voice to text.

  1. iSpeech

iSpeechiSpeech is another voice to text app that enables you to convert your spoken sentences into texts. The app can allow you to copy and share the records with anyone you want on Facebook, WhatsApp, your email etc. The iSpeech app is compatible and useable to both Android and iOS. Trust me, it will give you the tools you need to work easily and efficiently to keep your works organized.

  1. SpeechTexter

SpeechTexterThis tools will enable you to work effortlessly and convert your words into texts. SpeechTexter records your voice and the things you have said before and completes the texts before you even finish your words. The app is easy to install on Android. This app has a variety of features providing you have things already saved on it internally so you would not have to repeat yourself every time you need to say it.

  1. SpeechNote

Voice to text app - SpeechNoteThis app lets you convert your voice to text conveniently allowing you to use the app without any issues. This app is available for both Android and iOS users. SpeechNote app is very easy to use. All you have to do is just activate it and it would basically record your speech with speed.


There are a lot of apps that enable voice to text functions, but this article contains various voice to text app you can download instantly on either Android or iOS. Maybe your in-built speech to text is not activated or faulty and you need new ones. So, it would be easy to access this function with any of these apps after installation.

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