How to Download and Install WAMP Server

How to Install WAMP Server

The question we were asked in the past was how to minimize the cost of data when designing website. In order to save data, we always advise our readers to use an offline server which will enable you to design your site locally on your computer before moving the finished job to a hosted server. We officially introduce to you WAMP Server. You may be wondering, what is WAMP server? Simply put, WAMP server is a web development platform which enables you to design your website offline on Windows Operating systems only.

Note: There are local versions for Mac Operating systems too called MAMP.

With WAMP server, you can design any content management website running PHP like WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart and so many others.

WAMP Server Download РStep by step guide

Before you start downloading WAMP Server, you have to know the operating system installed on your PC. You need this information to get the software that is compatible with your computer.

To do this, locate and open ‘My Computer‘, either from the the shortcut on your desktop or from the start menu. On the top left corner of the window, click system properties as shown below:WAMP Server Download

 Below, you can see 32-Bit, this means that my windows is running 32-Bit OS (Operating System) and I should only install WAMP Server for 32-Bit operating system, for compatibility sake.


WAMP server Download

Very Important: If you are running 64-Bit Operating system, what that means is that you should go for the 64bit version.

Now that you have confirmed your operating system, the next thing is to download the WAMP software compatible with your system. Download the latest version of WAMP server from their official website then let’s start the installation. Here is the WAMP Server download link: Server Download

Since mine is the 32-Bit Operating System, I will be downloading WAMP for 32-Bit Operating system only. But if yours is 64bit Operating Systems, download the one by your right. See Image below:

WAMP Server Download

Installing the WAMP Server

When you have successfully download WAMP, you may now continue with the installation. The process is quite simple. Just double click the downloaded program and keep everything at its default value and keep clicking next. You will come across a pop up window asking you to choose your default browser, ok? click open for it to use your default browser whenever you choose to look at your locally installed website.

Since you are using this software for the first time, it might seem difficult and technical to install but it’s normal. I’m going to show you the step by step on how to use it to create a stunning CMS site offline. Also, I’m going to show you how to take your designed site online to any hosting server. Here’s another Best Alternative to WAMP server you might love.


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