5 Great Ways To Make Money From Home

make money from home
Written by Abe Cherian
When it comes to the idea of making money from home especially online, Many feels that it’s not doable while others think its only by scamming others that you can really make money online. Well, I don’t blame them for having such mindset because I see it as being ignorant of the highest other, or being the doubting Thomas of the 21st century. While some certain group of people is just lazy that they can never get anything done.

I Am here today to tell everyone that you can actually make money from the comfort of your home both offline and online, but I will be revealing some of the ways to make money from home legally and legitimately without scamming anyone. Yes, of course, you can make money from home legitimately without scamming anyone and get paid by top companies that you may or may not know and get your earnings paid straight into your international or local bank account only if you have the knowledge and brain power to play your cards right.

make money from home
So below, I will be highlighting the 5 various ways to make money from home especially anyone who is interested in becoming financially free and wants to become his/ her own boss can legitimately earn money on the internet from home. But take note, there is no easy way out. You have to really work for it and put in all that is needed to make any model of earning money online work for you. I mean you have to put in the cash, time, energy and strength to make it a success.

5 ways anyone can Make money from home

1. Internet Marketing

Make money from home

What is internet marketing you may ask?
Internet marketing is simply any marketing efforts done over the internet with the sole aim to make sales or to drive traffic to an advertiser website. This type of marketing efforts uses various online advertising means such as PPC ( pay per click), Banners, social media advertising, email marketing and so on.

so how can you make money through internet marketing? it’s simple. If you are very knowledgeable in one field or the other, you can simply package and informational product in form of a PDF to solve a pressing need in that field and sale it the people in need of it. Do you think people will not buy it? Many People are having different problems all around the world and are looking for solutions to this problem. So all you have to do is to search for a certain pressing needs of a particular set of people, create and package an informational product AKA. EBOOK, and sale it to these people in need of it. You can get buyers by using the various internet marketing means like PPC, social media adverts, Banners adverts and email marketing means to get those set of buyers that need your solution to their problems.

 This model of making money from home from the internet is huge because common people who had the knowledge about selling informational products have become millions. Some great guys like Olaide HALIM, Pat Ogidi, and Adejumuke have really made it big. So you’re not the first to try it out, and you will not be the last because the business model is here to stay. So give the shoot that you can.

2. Article writing

make money writing articles

Are you a good writer? Do you have good writing skills and love writing as a hobby, then you can turn that your passion for writing into great wealth. Am I serious about this? Yes, I am more than serious about what am trying to say. Many people are getting to know more about making money from the internet, with thousands of blogs and website been created on a daily basis. But not everyone has the skill set to communicate the information they want to pass to the world in written form. And in the world of internet, “CONTENT IS KING”. Many people are getting into niches or topics they know nothing about just because the niche or topic is profitable. So many people are looking for good writers who can write good quality content for their blog or website and they are very willing to pay you some good amount of money.

There are many online micro job website where you can go and apply straight away for article writing jobs, and start getting some few orders from clients.

Examples of such good microsites are:

So you can go on any of those listed above website and sign up, create your gig ( the service you want to render), like you can say ” I WILL WRITE A 500 WORDS OF BLOG POST FOR $5″, and also something like ” I WILL WRITE A 1000 WORDS PRODUCT REVIEW FOR YOUR AMAZON NICHE SITE”. note: you must have some knowledge about the niche.

3. Affiliate marketing

Make money from home - Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing simply means helping an individual or companies to market their product, and you are being rewarded for your marketing efforts.
Affiliate marketing is just in the form of offline marketing, where a distributor sales a company product and make money from the commission of the product they sales. How affiliate marketing works are simple. You sign up for any company that offers affiliate program free of charge when you are approved, you just pick up the product link and place it on your blog or website.

When any of your visitors on your blog reads through your recommendations and click on the link and make a purchase, you earn a commission. This is the easiest way to make some good cash on the internet. Affiliate marketing has been existing for a very long time now, many are making a good amount of money from affiliate marketing monthly. As long as people are searching for information and also buying products online, affiliate marketing will never stop to exist. Some great companies that offer affiliate program are;

 But to start affiliate marketing, you definitely need your own blog or website, and it should be a WordPress self-hosted blog. So as you can see that affiliate marketing is very profitable and lucrative, why not get your own blog and start affiliate marketing right away.

4. Google Adsense

Make money from Google AdSense

Google Adsense, also known as Google ads is simply a kind of advertising program that is offered by Google, in which the advertisers pay Google to advertise their goods or services and on the other hand, the publishers help google to advertise the advertiser’s adverts on their blog or website and get a share of the advertising fee by Google.
so this program, there are two parties involved. They Advertisers and the Publishers.

Google Adsense is similar to affiliate marketing, just that, it is more easier to earn money quickly with Google Adsense than Affiliate marketing because all you need to make money with Google Adsense is just for your visitors to click on the ads and you earn some certain amount of money because Google Adsense is a PPC ( pay per click) program, while Affiliate marketing needs for you to make a sale before you can earn a dime. Google Adsense is very lucrative, many have been making a good amount of income from it.

 How can you start making money on Google Adsense?
To make money from home with Google Adsense, you need to first create your own blog, share valuable information on your blog to attract people to your blog. Then you can now apply for Google Adsense. when you get approved for the program, BOOM… you start making money right away. Note that you will need to have a professional looking blog because Google is really getting very strict to approving people for an Adsense account. so if you need a professional blog created for you cheaply, just get in touch with a  website designer eg.

5.  CPA

Make money from home through CPA

CPA program is, of course, one the best ways to make money from home. What is CPA you may ask? CPA simply means Cost Per Action. its means that for any of the action your visitors take on your blog with the CPA ads that are placed on your blog, you earn a fixed rate of an amount ranging from $1 to $50.
When your visitors take action like filling online forms, downloading games, installing apps or google chrome extensions, taking the survey and submitting their email address, you have generated a lead for the advertisers and you earn like $1 for that.

CPA is just like Google Adsense, another lucrative opportunity to make a great income online. All you need to earn from CPA is an action taken by your visitors. you don’t need to make a sale from CPA program. Companies or network that offers CPA program is Maxbounty, Peerlyfly, ClickLead, etc.

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To start making money via CPA, you need to apply for a CPA account with any of the few mentioned CPA networks above, when approved then you start placing the ads on your blog. So as you can see, ways to make money from home legitimately are real and endless, but it all starts with starting a professional looking blog and the decision to get started. So why waiting, give any of the models a shoot and start earning money.

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