10 ways to send money online

Top 10 Best Ways To Send Money Online

Send money online fast internationally with these top 10 online money transfer services. They enable you to send money online with your internet-enabled devices.

10 ways to send money online

There are many services that exist online with which you can make a money transfer to around the world. But there are only a few of the most secure and reliable network.

These networks ensure a safe secure quick and efficient way to make money transfer across the internet. They are also quite reliable for making purchases online marked places like AliExpress, Amazon and so much more.

Top 10 Services For Sending Money Online.

Sending personal checks money orders or cash can be unreliable time consuming and downright unreliable therefore there are ten of the very best methods of sending money online.

1. PayPal.


PayPal stands as one of the most popular and reliable methods of sending money online to anywhere in the world. It is fast and efficient and caters to many countries businesses online shopping platforms and so much more. PayPal ensures that all payments are secure fast and efficient too.

2. Amazon PayAmazon Pay

Amazon Pay is an online payment platform that accepts online and mobile payments across the Amazon store as well as many other companies and e-commerce stores across the world. It helps reduce all cost and keeps the business protected as well as the customers account protected offering you a reliable network to make payments and send funds.

3. Serve


Serve is provided by the American Express which offers a reliable platform to make transfers all over the world. You have no problems with minimum balance and opening fees. You can send funds as well as withdraw money at any ATM all over the world. The America Serve gives you access to a credit card that can be used to withdraw funds. You can easily pay bills, buy groceries, shop online and withdraw cash over twenty-four thousand Money paying ATM or anywhere America Express cards are accepted.

4. Escrow


The Escrow.com, most of the time, it’s incorporated into e-commerce site to help develop a much better payment method. Several formidable platforms like Godaddy, Shopify, Uniregular and Auto Trade all use the Escrows.com.

5. OBOPay


OBOPay provides unique mobile services to many areas in the world. It was established in 2005 and since then had offered many businesses across the world with their money transfer system. Some of these Industries served include Nokia Anted Telecel, India Navy, Master Card and so much more.

6. Google Pay

send money online with Google Pay

Google pay offers a fast and simple method to send funds or pay for purchases and do just about every transaction online. You can buy tickets online pay for tolls and check it across many Google products.

7. Skrill


Skrill allows a fast and easy way to send and receive money online without any fear of security. You can send or receive money store credit cards link accounts and pay from anywhere with just your email and password. In addition. Skrill only requires 1. 4% fee for transactions. It is a UK based service offered by Paysafe.

8. Perfect Money

Perfect Money

Perfect Money is another innovative platform suitable for sending and receiving money to many places in the world. You can pay bills shop online and send and receive money online with this easy service network.

 9. HyperWallet


With its inception in 2000, the Canadian based online payment service allows you to transfer fund from Canada well over 28 countries across the world. The HyperWallet also allows foreign exchange mass business payments and mobile airtime transfer.

10. Twitter S Money

Twitter S Money

S Money is another innovative way of sending money but the most attractive thing about this is that it uses your Twitter account. It allows all French users to simply send and receive funds the only limitation is that all transfers made can be viewed on your notification panel by your followers. Nevertheless, it is a safe and secure method.


And there you have it, Ten of the very best ways to send money Online. Feel free to share with us on the services you feel are so much better than others, we look forward to hearing from you through the comment box.

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