10 Great Weather App With Widget (Android/iPhone)

These days the weather cannot be said to be predictable. Changes in climatic conditions in different areas around the world can only be slightly predicted accurately. This information, However, can be visibly accessed through various means. One of them is via a weather app and its widget. Before now, I remember vividly, how climatic weather reports could only be accessed via news outlets like Newspapers, magazines and the TV.

 weather widget apps

These days, mobile technology has made it easier to access vital weather reports from a smartphone. There is now, no need to check various new outlets for information on the weather conditions of your city. Weather-related information’s can be brought to directly to your screen. With Weather apps, users now have access to weather information about their city. This helps to decrease events accidents and increase preparation and overall organization. Today, we will be exploring 10 mobile weather apps and their widgets that can provide us with correct weather forecast any day and at absolutely anytime for our Android and iOS devices.

  1. GO Weather – Widget, Theme & Wallpaper

GO Weather - Widget, Theme & Wallpaper

Checking your city or country weather cast is incredibly easy with this awesome weather app. As more features like daily weather reports, weather alerts, lock screen widgets and live weather updates are also present on this app. Always stay on top of your schedule and routines with daily weather forecast and updates.

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  1. AccuWeather: Weather Tracker & Live Forest Maps

AccuWeather: Weather Tracker & Live Forest Maps

Get the best weather information on your location with daily and frequent updates that will keep you in charge of your day in all your event and organizational plannings. With AccuWeather, vital information on the latest weather report, climatic and atmospheric change can be easily and readily accessed.

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  1. Weather Bug: Real-Time Forecast & Alerts

Weather Bug: Real Time Forecast & Alerts

Are you Looking for any simple and easy to use weather app and widget for your mobile phone? Weather Bug clearly fits that description and it is the perfect weather app for users across all mobile devices. With weather bug, users can have access to live weather updates, latest notification on specific climatic changes and more, all directly from your mobile screen.

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  1. Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather

Receive live weather updates from the comfort of your mobile device with the latest yahoo weather app. It is another very unique, but a really decent mobile app with awesome weather animated scenes, awesome real-time updates and additional lock screen functionality as well.

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  1. NOAA Weather Radar & Alerts

NOAA Weather Radar & Alerts

Unlike other weather apps with widgets, this one contains a unique and very classy weather widget for your smartphone device that will further enhance lock screen functions and beautify your Homescreen. This app is a complete blockbuster, perfectly designed to give you all the Tops and slots on frequent weather updates, real-time climate reports for various locations, and quick notifications for emergencies.

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  1. Weather XL PRO

Weather XL PRO

Mobile weather widget apps like this one are not very to come by, because not only can this amazing app deliver real-time weather reports, it also has realistic animations for every weather condition. It is completely realistic and contains advance weather functions like live weather wallpapers, frequent weather reports every 10 days and a live home screen weather widget.

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  1. Weather Live

Weather Live

Get new weather updates and receive the latest feedbacks on weather around the world with a live weather app. Automatically designed to work with your location, this app provides you with frequent weather reports for your location or area. It is simple and easy to use.

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  1. Weather


I like to call this app, the official weather app for Android devices. Make no mistakes about this, weather contains some awesome dynamic features you would not find anywhere. For instance, No weather app contains 3D weather scenes, better life index and a precise positioning system for live weather updates.

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  1. Local Weather Widget & Forecast

Local Weather Widget & Forecast

are you searching for ways to receive the daily weather forecast for your locality? With this mobile app, you can now easily receive live weather updates for your location with customized settings for multi-location weather reports. Download this popular weather widget app for your android device now

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  1. Weather Forecast

Weather Forecast

This is a great and pretty interesting app to use for all things weather. Receive automatic weather updates with customizable features to change how and from where you receive updates. Add more than 10 cities on your weather report timeline and receive accurate feedback on each and every one of them. get this weather app right away.

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In conclusion, a key and similar function are clear to note on all the above-mentioned weather widget apps. Homescreen widgets provide vital weather information that can be readily and easily accessed on these apps. Plan your events and schedule your trip all from the convenience of your mobile device. With the latest mobile weather technology known to mankind. Thank you.

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