Web Hosting Platforms: 10 Best Places To Host Your Website In The World

Finding web hosting platforms that are reliable these days can be difficult. Here, we have the very best hosting platforms for your need. Continue reading to find out.

Starting a blog from scratch can be overwhelming, you want to hit the blogosphere in a bigger and be more popular like Neil Patel and Harsh Agrawal. The truth is that there are stages you need to pass through before you can successfully have your blog on the internet.

web hosting platforms

One of them can make and unmake you and if you are not careful. They can even ruin your blogging career. Good web hosting platforms are the powerhouse of a blog and they are what determine your fate in the future. Make no mistake with the positive reviews you read on popular blogs, most of those positive reviews behind them is a selfish interest.

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Some hosting company affiliate commission is magnetic that some blogs are blindly writing positive reviews about them just to get you to sign up with their affiliate link. In this article, we will be looking for the best and reliable hosting provider you can use to host your blog or move your blog to a better hosting company.

10 Best Web Hosting Platforms For Any Website.

1. Bluehost:

Bluehost is one of the popular web hosting platforms that are reliable. Whether you are opening a WordPress blog or running an online project, Bluehost will offer you the service you need at a considerable price.

With over more than 2 millions website using Bluehost with less negative review online, you Know you are on the right company. Their plan starts from free domain name offer if you don’t have and you can migrate to a better plan anytime with no downtime.

2. SiteGround:

SiteGround is more suitable for a personal hosting as they offer three shared hosting plans, StartUp, GrowBig, and GoGeek. You can actually start with their cheap hosting plan if you have 10,000 monthly visitors that offer 10GB of web space. You will have your data stored on SSD drivers to achieve the fastest loading speeds. Some of their interesting packages include Free site transfer and setup, free daily backups and even free SSLs.

3. TMDHosting:

TMDHosting is also one of the best hosting company for a personal website. This hosting provider has the latest Technology for best performance. Their hosting plan is also affordable as it starts with $2.95 a month on premium hosting. TMD web hosting platforms

One of their goals is to make sure that every website is live all the time and their data is centre around the world. With this hosting, you will also get a free application like read WordPress and Drupal. You will also get components installation, free theme, and free updates. Your security is also guaranteed with daily backup and visitors monitoring.

4. DreamHost:

DreamHost gives you whatever hosting plan you want, starting with WordPress and end with shared hosting and they both offer amazing features for your website to succeed in the online space. One of the advantages of using Dreamhost is that they use SSD server which makes the website load faster than a hosting using HDD servers.

Dreamhost platform scales your bandwidth automatically when needed in other to make sure your website is live all the time. To cap it all, they give multiple websites and domain names within one account and they have preinstalled WordPress which connect you to their CMS directly. They offer free SSL certificate which is now important for every website to rank on search engine.

5. HostGator:

HostGator is for everyone. They have shared plans and WordPress packages as well. HostGator offer you value for your money. The cheapest plan you can get is the Basic shared plan which is perfect for a personal hosting plan.

You will get a free website set up, zero-cost page transfer and $200 marketing budget. They have a good support team who is always at your service and their hosting package come with a money back guarantee within a period of 45 days.

6. 1&1 Hosting:

1&1 Hosting will be a personal deal if you are hosting for a personal website. It comes with a basic package that offers 100 GB storage, 1 free domain for the first 12 months and an SSL certificate. Another is a scalability that offers level-up to 5 levels. At level 1, you will get a 2.5 GB RAM and when you traffic increase you can upgrade to level 5 with just one click.

This 1&1 Hosting comes with interesting features which one of them is gzipped that reduced the amount of data a web server transfer which leads to more faster loading time. With this hosting company, your mobile web loading will perform better because that’s is where speed matters the most.

7. Cloudways:

Cloudways is a web hosting service that is based on cloud web hosting hence the name. They offer a different hosting plan with fantastic unique features. One of the plans is, pay as you go. meaning you only have to pay for the specific resources you need and nothing more. web hosting platforms

One of the good features of Cloudways is that you pick the desire foundation you need. They also offer a free trial to test it and you can also migrate your website for free.

8. InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting offers a wide range of plan to choose from. You can host your personal website and can also build up new hosting with them which come with free Domain name registration. Both their shared business hosting and WordPress hosting are good because they come with many features to keep you rolling. The content management system pre-installed that gives you the opportunity to get online in minutes.

9. Hostwinds:

Hostwinds is among the web hosting platforms that come with unlimited bandwidth on shared and disk space on their hosting plan. There is a different hosting plan available which includes Basic, Advanced and Ultimate. This three pack offers a free dedicated IP address which not all hosting companies do. They can also transfer your website from the current hosting to their hosting free of charge.

10. Namecheap:

Namecheap just as the name implies is the cheapest hosting company to host both business and personal website. They can help you to create a website from scratch without the basic knowledge of coding and programming with a free Domain name and free SSL certificate for the first one year. namecheap web hosting platform

Their shared hosting plan starts as low as $2.88/month and you can also upgrade to a better package when your traffic increase.

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This is our list of the best web hosting platforms to host a personal blog or a business website. Please do not take the list as a recommendation.

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