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Wells Fargo Customer Service Details

Wells Fargo Customer service
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Wells Fargo customer service number, email address and Wells full contact details are contained here. Here are the various ways to contact Wells Fargo credit card customer service. 

Wells Fargo Customer service

The Wells Fargo & Company is among the largest banks in the United States, headquartered in San Francisco with well over 8,300 financial centres and 15,900 ATM machines.  As a multinational bank, the Wells Fargo Bank has a whole range of products available to countries all over the World and is known for excellence.

With love for feedback in order to increase proficiency, the Wells Fargo Bank has set aside a wide network of Customer service agents always available 24/7 to take your complaints and inquiries and address it within a short time.

You can contact Wells Fargo customer service with ease and this can be done by phone, email or online via secure channels.

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Wells Fargo Customer Service.

The Wells Fargo  Customer Service is among the best in the country as there are many ways to contact the Bank customer service without having to leave the comfort of your home. An added advantage is that you also have access to emergency hotlines as well as specialized service channels, some of the services catered by the Wells Fargo customer care include:

Loan Services: You can apply for emergency loans for any issues or challenges you are facing with ease by just contacting the customer care help desk.

Account activities: You can view transactions, query your account balance and even apply for a new ATM card via the Wells Fargo customer care help desk. You can also stop cheques, track cheque as well as do any other banking inquiries by simply calling Wells Fargo customer support phone number.

Products and Service: You can inquire about the new and existing products and services catered by the Wells Fargo & Co. Bank through their customer service.

Fraudulent activities: You can report any suspicious activities done on your account to Wells Fargo customer services representatives with so much convenience.

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The Wells Fargo Customer Service Centers

General Banking 

You can access the general banking services such as account information, information on products and services and a lot more via this links. You can either call 1800 869 3557 or 1800 956 4442 or send an email via this link.

Emergency Numbers

Wells Fargo Bank can help with immediate financial needs with regards to a loan for business, personal banking etc. You can also access help should in case your credits cards go missing through the following numbers

  • Home mortgage: 18888 818 9147 or 515 213 7700
  • Home Equity: 1888 667 6059
  • Student loans: 1800 658 3567
  • Direct Auto loan: 1800 559 3557
  • Credit/ATM & Debit Card Emergency numbers
  • Credit card: 1800 642 4720
  • ATM/Debit Card: 1800 869 4720
  • Small Business banking: 1800 225 5935

Investment Banking

You can access the Wells Fargo customer service line to inquire about investment banking options as well as enquire or status of investments made via this different helplines

  • Private Bank: 1888 715 0380
  • Wells trade phone number: 1800 882 3377 or 1800trades
  • Wells Fargo funds: 1800 222 8222
  • Well Fargo Ad: 1866 867 7940
  • Retirement 1800 728 3123

Reporting a fraud

If you suspect any fraudulent activities on your account or via a branch office, use this phone numbers to contact Wells Fargo customer service.

  • ATM/Debit Card fraud: 1800 869 3557 or 1800 225 5935
  • Credit Card fraud: 1800 642 4720 or 1800 225 5935
  • For Fraudulent activities noticed on your online accounts such as Bill pay, Zelle or wire transfer etc, call this line 1866 867 5568
  • Suspicious phishing emails and SMS alerts: 1866 867 5568 or report via the email [email protected]
  • For reporting suspicious phone calls: 1800 869 3557
  • for reporting Identity theft: 1800 869 3557
  • Deaf/ Handicap helpline: 1800 877 4833

Note: you can also access more specialized and beautiful options via this URL

Wells Fargo International toll-free numbers

The Wells Fargo bank is a unique bank which has numerous arrays of phone numbers that you can access to speak to the Wells Fargo customer care representatives. The bank has well over 300 customer care numbers for this purpose ensuring that you are assisted from any country in the World. Visit this page to find out more

The Wells Fargo uniqueness is in the beauty of its extensive Customer service. Take advantage of their beautiful platforms to get quick and effective solutions to your problem in less time.

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