How to check Wema bank account balance

How To Check Your Wema Bank Account Balance

Would you love to know how you can check your Wema Bank account balance without having to leave your comfort zone? well stick around and I will show you how.

How to check Wema bank account balance
How to check Wema bank account balance

Wema bank Nigeria has set up innovative and technological packages geared at bring your banking needs to your doorstep. It is among the banks in Nigeria that has decided to modernize the banking world. You can now control your Wema Bank account directly from your mobile phone and make transactions such as fund transfers, request for mini statement etc.

Among the benefits of using any of the Wema Bank packages is the key feature of being able to check your account balance at your convenient. You no longer need to visit the bank or the ATM gallery to check your present account balance. All you need do is follow the instructions I will be showing you.

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Checking your Account balance by Mobile phone

You can now check your Wema Bank account balance directly from your mobile phone. You do not need access to the internet and this feature works from any mobile device of your choice (Windows, Android, iPhone, Java or Blackberry devices).

If you are a new user of this Mobile phone service, dial *945# and follow the on-screen prompt to get started. When done go back to the main menu and choose the balance inquiry option.

Subsequently, you can dial *945*0# to check your account balance straightaway.

Check your Wema bank Account balance via Mobile App

You can also access your Wema bank account balance through the Wema bank mobile App. All you need do is Launch the Wema Mobile app and then log in. Next, Navigate the menu button and select Account activity to view your Wema bank account balance. so easy!!

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Check your Wema Bank account balance via internet banking

You can access your Wema bank account balance through the Wema internet banking platform (WemaOnline). All you have to do is log in using your Wema online user ID and navigate the dashboard to view your account balance. The good thing about the Wema internet banking platform is that you can also view previous transactions done on your account to further confirm your present account balance

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The Wema banking packages are awesome and easy to navigate. Why not get started today and pick the package that works best for you. For me, I prefer the Wema bank Mobile phone platform since I can access it anytime I want, with or without data and from any mobile phone as long as I have my Linked Sim card on hand. its easy smart and secure and I never have to leave my comfort zone.

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