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How To Transfer Money From Wema Bank To Other Banks

In this quick guide, you will be shown how to transfer money from Wema bank accounts to other banks through the Wema Bank transfer code or USSD code features, via mobile app etc.

Learn more about Wema bank’s unique way of transferring funds to all bank accounts by following the easy steps I will show you.

Wema Bank is an among the financial services provider that has been in the banking business continuously for more than 70 years. It is among the oldest indigenous commercial bank in Nigeria.

wema bank transfer code to other bank

Wema bank offers you these two unique processes to enhance and improve your banking experience. just stick around to learn more.

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Wema Bank Transfer code – How to use it effectively.

The Wema bank transfer code (USSD) service is an awesome and exciting new way to transfer money and make all other banking needs.

What you require

  • You must register for Wema internet banking
  • The phone number you will use must be registered and linked to your bank account.

How to activate the Wema bank Transfer Code Feature

  • Go to the WemaOnline platform and register as a new user (if not registered)
  • You will receive an OTP on your phone to confirm
  • Dial *945# to start using the feature

Or Login to your WemaMobile and select “enable SMS feature” to get started then dial *945# to start using the feature.

How to transfer Money via Wema bank Transfer code Feature

  • Dial *945# on your phone
  • Select “Funds transfer”

or You can quickly dial *945*recipients account number*amount#, you will receive a prompt requesting you pick the recipients bank and input your PIN.

Note: You are restricted to a maximum daily transfer of N100,000

if you wish to update your limit, visit  your Wema bank branch office or go online to wemaonline platform and update it.

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Other benefits of the Wema bank USSD feature

  • Balance inquiry
  • open a brand new Wema Bank account
  • Recharge your phone
  • Mini account statement

Using the Wema bank mobile app

With the Wema bank mobile app, you can access your account and make a lot of banking transactions through the platform. All you need is a smartphone. You can make all transactions from the comfort of your home or anywhere with ease and convenience.

How to download and activate the Wema bank mobile app

  • Download the WemaMobile app from your app store. (Download it from Play store if you are an Android user. Download the Wema Bank mobile app from the Blackberry store if you are using a Blackberry device).
  • or visit this URL  wemabank.com to download
  • Launch the app and log in using your WemaOnline user name and password

How to transfer funds using the Wema bank mobile app

  • Launch your Wemaonline application
  • Navigate to the Send money button and click on it
  • Enter recipients bank and account number
  • Wait for confirmation ( you will see the name of the account)
  • Enter the amount and click  submit
  • You will receive confirmation of successful service

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Other Benefits of the Wema Bank mobile app

  • Balance inquiry
  • open a brand new Wema Bank account
  • Recharge your phone
  • Mini account statement
  • Check your account balance
  •  Pay anyone using Tap & Pay (NFC).
  • Receive Western Union Money Transfer directly into your Wema Bank account
  • Confirm your cheque with ease.
  • Stop any issued cheque securely
  • Request ATM card.
  • ATM & Branch locator
  • and a lot more

Wema banking is much easier with these processes, Endeavor to work smarter and faster by making all your banking transactions easier.

I hope you now know how to use the Wema Bank transfer code and the banking app effectively. If you need help, kindly drop a comment below.

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