Western Union Money Transfer

Western Union, How to transfer and receive money

Learn to use Western Union to transfer money to anyone across the globe. With Western Union Money transfer service, you can send virtually any currency to anyone irrespective of the country they are in.

Western Union is an American financial services and communication company. It was known for been the best and preferred company for sending and receiving telegrams in times past. Today, Western Union is more involved in sending and receiving funds, both Locally and internationally.

To learn how to successfully use the Western Union platform to transfer and receive money here in Nigeria, please read on.

Western Union Money Transfer

Using The Western Union Money Transfer Service

There are so many ways to transfer money through Western Union. Some of the methods are explained below especially those that work here in Nigeria.

Through a Western Union branch

  • Find a western union branch closest to you. In Nigeria, a lot of banks have a specific spot  designated to receiving and sending of money via western union.
  • Visit the designated bank and fill out the form given to you.
  • You can send money through any method you wish, by cash or by use of card. (debit or credit card)
  • Your method of payment may incur some charge likewise the destination you are sending the money to.
  • Destination can also affect the time taken for the money to reach its destination
  • All you will require if you are transferring via cash, you will require the recipients name and location
  • If you are transferring from one bank account to another, you will require the recipients bank name, Bank Identifier code, international bank account number, and the recipients account number.
  • Remember to save the MTCN (Money transfer control number) number, This is the tracking code that the recipient will give before receiving the money.

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Send Money online by Western union website

You can also send money through the western union website. just follow this easy steps

  • Go to this URL to Register: https://www.westernunion.com/us/en/register.html
  • Click the Send Money Button on the western union homepage
  • Click send online
  • Fill out the form and choose the method of payment  (whether by card or bank account)
  • Your method of payment may incur charges, so  also the destination of the recipient
  • Remember to save the MCTN number, this is the number the recipient will give to have access to the money

Use the Western Union mobile app.

Western union mobile app allows you to send, track sent money, pay bills and receive money right on your mobile device. your can download the app at your mobile app store (for instance google app store). Remember also to save the MCTN number.

How to receive money through the Western union

Using Quickteller

Quickteller is fast gaining waves in Nigeria. You can now send and receive Western union money transfers. it comes with a condition. you can only use quickteller if you have Skyebank, StanbicIBTC or GTB accounts.

Follow these steps

  • Register and Login in at Quickteller.com.
  • Click the send and receive money button
  • Select Western Union and choose which bank (GTB, StanbicIBTC or Skyebank)
  • click choose currency and select Naira.
  • Click Receive money- this takes you to the receive money data page
  • Enter, the MCTN code, senders country. receiving account number and type, Expected amount in naira, First name and surname of receiving account and mobile number.
  • Answer the test questions provided by the sender
  • click continue and through confirm the details provided

Receive money through the Local branch

  • Visit the nearest western union branch
  • You will need the MCTN number and a valid ID card  bearing the recipients identification as given by the sender


Point to Note

  • Sending money via western union is a risky and unsecured method
  • Western union does not verify authenticity of the recipients, it will eventually give the money to whoever presents the MCTN number.
  • The company also has a non refund policy. Money sent cannot be retracted or reversed.

Despite western union  being a very  insecure network of transfering money. It is still one of the best and easiest method of transfering and receiving money to loved ones internationally. All you have to do is to ensure you follow all security procedures such as enclosing the MCTN code to only the designated recipient. I hope this article helps you out when next you use Western Union.

If you have any questions please place a comment below.

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