What Is Uber?

what is uber
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What is Uber?

Uber is a transportation network, peer to peer ride sharing, food delivery firm with headquarters in San Francisco in the United States. Uber now has operations in 633 cities across the globe which can be accessed through its mobile applications and websites. The industry has been pioneering the sharing economy so much that is now referred to as Uberisation.what is uber

Uber Service Levels

There are many service levels being offered. All the service levels are not available in all the cities. UberPOOL is the lowest in terms of cost and it is available for up to 2 people per party.
what is uber

With UberPOOL the customer can share the ride with other passengers in the same direction while UberSELECT offers a car that has leather interior.

UberBLACK provides a luxury black vehicle. UberXL offers a larger space where up to 6 passengers can sit. UberKIDs offers a car with a safety seat for the children. UberSUV provides an SUV.

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UberWAV provides a wheelchair that is accessible. UberPETS transport pets. UberGo in India offers a ride with a hatchback. UberAUTO in Pakistan offers transportation using auto rickshaw.

UberTAXI in certain markets lets its users call a taxi using the software application. Those who use Uber can pay an additional booking fee after which they leave a gratuity through the application.

UberEATS offers meal delivery from certain restaurants in 30 minutes for a particular fee. UberRuss offers a courier package delivery option and is obtainable in New York City, Chicago and San Francisco.
what is uber
UberBOAT offer a water taxi service. They offer transportation service in Istanbul through Beneteau boats found across the Croatian coast. Uber boat has operated in other cities in special events like Biscayne Bay. UberAIR also was known as UberElevate is still being implemented and they intend to operate with aircraft across Dubai and US.

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How Uber Operates

Riders get the quote that will be paid before they request a ride, they use a pricing model that is dynamic. Their prices vary based on the distance and projected time as well as the time, demand and supply. Payment is made at the end of the ride and this payment is made based on the preferences of the rider which can be a credit and on mobile wallet, cash, Apple Pay, Google wallet and file. The rider has the option to offer a gratuity to the driver after the ride and this is also billed to the payment method of the rider.

Driving with Uber

In certain markets where there is leasing agreement for available vehicles, the only requirement for driving for Uber apart from health, appropriate age, car age and type and driving ability is passing the background check.

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The vehicles used must pass the annual safety inspections and they must have the Uber emblem in the passenger window. Drives who uses this platform must have their smartphone. The drivers must have their cars even though drivers can also rent their cars.

Uber drivers are called independent contractors and not employees even though there has been a dispute of this in certain jurisdictions.

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