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Which language is best to develop a Professional & secure website in Nigeria?

Best web Language
Written by Abe Cherian

All these languages (.Net, Java, PHP, Python and Ruby on Rails) support all the security implementations. They are all the best programming languages and provide the best security features for developing secure website for you.

Every programming language offers the different features so you can develop a website with anyone of them that offers you more security features to create static, dynamic and more secure websites with it.

The best language

  1.  There is always an eye so there is nothing fully secured over internet. Also, security is not a trait of a language but implementation. You need to know about SSL implementations, XSS attack, CSRF etc. if talking about security.
  2.  Security does not mean which platform and which scripting language you are using. It means how you have done applications, how you employ the system to instrument interface for end user. If you are a developer, you should not think so much on language. But think where you can do BEST. If you want to build from third party then think about their expertise. The best technical aspects and knowledge will provide you security.
  3.  Every language is equally secure. What is actually meant by a secure website? What you need to keep secure?
  •  Secure= Confidential + Integrated + Available
    •    Database and Source are the two things that you need to keep secure. Everything else is publicly accessible for users.
    •    Confidential means no outsiders should be able to enter your database and source code without your permission.
    •    Integrated means no outsiders should be able to modify your database and source code without your permission.
    •    Available means no outsiders should be able to make website inaccessible to visitors without your approval.

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  1.  When concerned with security threats, you have to worry about three things:
  •  Hijacking your server
    •    Injection of malicious code
    •    DDoS attack
  1.  Talking about security, no language has any special feature that can prevent the above mentioned three things automatically but it all depends on you. If your website is doubtful in one technology or language then it will also be insecure in other technology or language.
  2.  It is you that matters the most than the language you are using. It is because of the following reasons:
  •  If your server password is 12345, even a tenth grade student can hijack your server.
    •    If you deliberately write a code that allows outsiders to inject code in your website, it is not the language’s mistake.
    •    Almost all the languages are compatible with the server software, those can prevent DDoS themselves.

Therefore, Python Application Development, Ruby on Rails Development, PHP Application Development and Asp.Net Application Development are all best if coded correctly. They all provide best security features so further selection of language is totally dependent on you.


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