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15 Ways To Invest Money And Make Good Returns

Where to invest money to get high interest rates can be difficult to find especially when looking for safe investment opportunities. In this free guide, we will reveal the 15 places where to invest money to get good returns over time. If you would love to find out more ways you can double and triple your money no matter how small or big your capital might be, then stick around while I show you how you can achieve that purpose.

15 ways to invest money and get returns
15 ways to invest money and get returns.

The rising cost of living has made it quite important that you should go beyond that job and invest your money rather than keep it all in one place. Inflation everyday has made it quite hard to simply keep it all in one place, every day the money we thought was quite big loses value, so you must try as much as possible to put it in a safe investment opportunity with high interest rate.

Where to Invest Money For Good Returns.

Therefore, I bring you, 15 great ways you can invest money and make more returns, do read on and invest in the right strategy that suits you.

1. Peer-to-Peer Lending.

If all you want is a fixed income on your investments, you can use this platform; it allows you to earn interest rates that are quite large. There are many peer-to-peer lending sites around; two of the most popular sites is the Lending club and Prosper. This sites work by connecting investors to borrowers. All you do is provide money to this platform and they hook you up whit the person that needs these funds. Moreover these sites provide flexible loans for borrowers and allow them borrow without restrictions, banking bureaucracy and all the ever slow process of other banking platform.

2. Real Estate.

Everyone knows how much real estate is a great avenue for making money but the only snag is having quite a huge amount of capital. But you can make money through real estate investments by investing in Real Estate Investment trusts (REITs) and this comes with many different advantages. First, you start a chance of being able to  liquidate the same way as stocks, Secondly you can diversify and invest in several different commercial properties and mortgages, thirdly, tax incurred is minimal when compared to capital stocks and lastly you do not have to get into “murky waters” which is often seen in many Real Estate markets. There are many REITs and one of them is Fundrise

3. Resell products on Amazon.

You can get products at very good prices and resell them in amazon to make a little extra cash. You can do so by using the Amazon fulfillment otherwise known as Amazon FBA. The great thing about this platform is that amazon handles the shipping for you, so you do not have to sweat it.

4. Launch a Podcast.

Podcast are audio blogs where you talk to your listeners in a conversational manner. All you require to own a Podcast is a good knowledge on a specific or variety of topics.  You can start by leaching a series of Podcasts and soon you can incorporate products into your field or run advertisements at a price or even request donations from your listeners.

5. Invest in a High yield savings account.

If you do not want to take so much risk and play it completely safe, then you can invest in high interest savings accounts. These online accounts pay a much higher interest than traditional banks and do not charge so much in fees like traditional banks.

6. Invest in Stocks.

A lot of people prefer to trade in stocks. You can invest in stock markets and make more money on whatever amount you are willing to part with. The good thing about stock markets is that whether you do have a small amount of money or not, you can today begin with as low as $1 dollar in stock markets.

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7. Create an Online Course.

If you are quite knowledgeable in a given field, you can “dust the books” and help people improve upon them. Launching such courses often requires a good video equipment to live stream your courses and even if you do not know how to go about it, you can easily search the internet for courses on how to create a course.

8. Start a Blog.

There are so many exciting topics to blog about and you can make a lot more through your own blog. Pick a genre or area and start building your blog in that direction. The Idea behind creating a successful blog is building a website with so much valuable information that brings people back to you. Soon you can find many opportunities to monetize your blog and start an e-commerce store through it. You can pay someone to design your blog if you are not too technical to handle the setting up from scratch.

9. Investing in yourself.

You can decide to go back to school or learn a new skill that will further enhance your career and earn some extra bucks or get a good promotion up the career ladder.  You can pick from the many different ways to earn that skill and in a lot of situations, all you might need to enhance yourself will be quite a little money when compared to the many more you will be making so soon.

10. Invest and trade in cryptocurrencies.

Trading has taken a new dimension, and cryptocurrencies are fast taking over the money exchange platforms. You can start today by investing in this blockchain market and soon you will be smiling to the bank. One thing about cryptomoney is that you will need a fair share of fundamental economics to fully achieve success, so get learning today and start investing.

11. Treasury Securities.

When all you want is a low risk investment where your capital will remain protected, you can invest in treasury securities like the US Treasury securities. These platforms are used to fund the National debts and you can make quite a ton from it. Securities packages run from as low as 30 days to as high as 30 years and often involve a risk of capital in longer term investments if you want to sell before maturity.

12. Start Your Own Business.

An excellent example of a good investment is to build a side hobby an s turn it into an awesome business strategy. With the maximum use of your skills and knowledge you can make a high income from it. There are many business ideas you can evolve beyond the paper. Look inwards and search your heart, you just might be able to start the right business.

13. Dividend Reinvestment Plans (DRIPs)

DRIPS are financial plans that when you invest small amounts of money in company stocks, you get paid in dividends. A lot of large companies do offer this kind of stocks and in some cases you will not have to pay any investment fees. You can enhance it by making periodic additions to the company and soon you can build quite a nest into  large investments in the company and each time you earn dividends, the money will be automatically reinvested to buy a lot more stocks.

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14. Coaching Programs

Investments are made to get more funds in return,  and in most cases making this investments may mean going beyond your means and skills. You can enroll in a coaching program, where you will be thought about everything you need to do to earn money in that venture. Some coaching programs are also offered by People fully rooted in that business, this also a great investment as you will learn and gain experience about  what you wish to build.

15. Invest in Bonds

Bonds  are just like Stocks but they are not as stable and involve a whole new set of rules. They represent debt obligations and constitute a type  borrowing. when any company issues a bond, the money they receive are  actually like loans,and will be repaid over time with some interest. The buyers of this bonds are therefore know ans lenders. Bonds may not really be quite stable as stock but they offer a  much higher yield. Some bonds mature in less than two years and are known as Short term bonds . to begin trading in bonds you might require a brokerage account  and there are may platforms you can use to do so, research and make a choice of the kind of bonds you will be willing to invest your money.

Whatever your choices, sit down and make a perfect strategy, you might be looking for longer plans that assure of more yields but take time to mature or you can store a way money for only a short time. Do not be afraid to think outside the box and with technology, you may not need a consultant, you  will not find it hard starting off on your own.

I do hope the strategies listed here works for you, do let us know if you need any more information on the list discussed. by placing a comment below.

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