10 Best White Noise Apps for Android And iPhone

You probably have not heard about white noise app before, because, not much of the general public is aware of these applications. To start with, what is white noise? And why do I need to have a white noise application on my Android or iOS device?

What is White Noise?

White noise is an effective behavioural therapy that helps calm the nerves and set the mind for rest.

White Noise apps

In the United States, a study shows that 3 out of 10 people suffer from short-term or brief insomnia. It means that 1 out of every 10 persons suffer from long term or chronic insomnia.

Insomnia is a difficult condition to contain especially when the individuals involved are working or studying, which demands them to be at their best condition each day.

White noise apps have become one of the world’s kept secrets at helping people relax or fall asleep. These apps prime the mind for rest, with its different in-built mechanisms like the sound of rain, the buzz of an oscillating fan, the haunting hum of the universe itself and more.

Sometimes some music apps like Spotify and Youtube serve white noise functions for certain individuals as they help them sleep or feel relaxed as the case may be.

Here is a well-reviewed list of 10 best white noise apps for Android and iPhone.

Best White Noise apps for Android & iPhone.

  1. Sound sleeper; White noise

Sound sleeper

Are you an iPhone user? If you are then, I’m glad to tell you that sound sleeper is one of the best white noise apps for iPhones. It includes an amazing collection of soothing white noise lullabies that will help you feel relaxed and fall asleep. It also allows you to record your own sound. Additional options like sleep tracking are also included. get Sound Sleeper for iPhone through this link.

  1. White Noise Ambience Lite

For white noise applications, it just keeps getting better with iOS device users. This free white noise app features ambient sounds that will help you relax your nerves during the day and help you sleep at night. The app assists users in sleeping by blocking usual mind distractions while they try to sleep, reducing overall general stress and fatigue. Download White Noise for iPhone through here.

  1. White Noise Generator

Another best white noise app featured on our list today for Android phones is white Noise generator. This free white noise application allows you to mix different sounds of your choice to give your mind that perfect relaxation and concentration it needs. You can make your personal mix for different purposes like relaxing, concentrating and sleeping. Download White Noise Generator for android through this link.

  1. White Noise Baby Sleeps Sounds

This free white noise app is a perfect sleeping aid. It works by producing classical monotonous sounds like bedroom fan, rushing water sound, beach and ocean wave sounds that are effective for sleeping and relaxation. This app assists both babies and adults to fall asleep. With 20 in-build white noise and 4 baby lullabies, white noise baby sounds is a perfect sleeping application. Download white Noise baby sleeps sounds for Android on PlayStore.

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  1. White Sound Pro

This is a cool white noise app for Android users that doesn’t only produce whites noises but also neutralizes noises you don’t like to listen to while you sleep. A frequent update on this white noise app makes it an updated app with the newest and latest white noise sounds for concentration, sleeping and relaxation. Download white sound pro for Android on PlayStore.

  1. Baby Sleep – White Noise

This is the second app on the list designed by Relaxio for helping babies and adults with difficult sleeping conditions to fall fast asleep. Do you have a baby that cries a lot and hardly sleeps? Reduce all that stress and fatigue by downloading this free white noise app. With an amazing collection of soothing white noises and lullabies that will make your baby sleep. Download Baby Sleep white noise app for Android on PlayStore.

  1. Sleep Sounds Free – Relax music, White Noise

This app has been designed to help you calm your nerves and relax your mind as you meditate with sleep sounds, white noises and nature soundtracks. With this app, if you had difficulty in sleeping, I promise you, your sleeping will improve. Sleep Sounds Free has been proven to be effective for deep and restful sleep. Download this free white noise app for Android here.

  1. Bedtime Fan Noise – White Noise Fan sleep sounds by Ellisapps.

Available to both Android and iPhone users, bedtime fan noise is a white noise app that produces HD sleep fan noise that helps individuals sleep faster. The sounds in this app are produced in different frequencies. This mask all noisy interruptions and allows you to fall asleep way faster than you usually do. It also features a sleep timer. Try this free white noise app for your Android or iPhone device.

  1. White Noise Baby by TMsoft

White Noise Baby is a perfect sleeping app for android users which helps both individual and babies fall asleep fast. Amazing collection of soothing white noise and lullabies which will relax your nerves for sleep and make noisy babies fall fast asleep. Try this free white noise app here for Android.

  1. White Noise Lite by TMsoft

TMsoft presents to us the best white noise app for android on our list today. The application includes ambient sounds to help you relax during the day. It assists you to sleep by blocking mind distractions that play great in stress and general tiredness. It also has features to pacify crying babies and increase concentration. With more than 40 looped sounds, advanced alarm and timer system. White noise lite is a great aid for helping people sleep. It is a recommended tool for people with difficulty in sleeping.


For a balanced mental and sound health, a good sleeping condition is required. A common similarity is noted in all the apps mention on our list today. Sounds are good requirements to help calm the nerves and ignite concentration.

So the next time, you find it hard to sleep after a long day of work, don’t go for a bottle of alcohol. Instead, try one of these 10 best white noise apps. They will help you relax and fall asleep. Try the white noise app related to your device and see its wonder sleeping magic.

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