How to Know Who Unfollowed You on Instagram

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If you are an Instagram online marketer, the number of people who follow you would mean a lot to you and speak volumes to others. That is why you would often hear marketers ask who unfollowed me on Instagram online. Furthermore, those that unfollowed you may mean that what you are posting was not up to their expectation. In addition, it could also mean that the pictures or videos are not the types of content they want or it may be that your follower just wants another type of content?


However, it doesn’t matter what the reason may be. In this post, we will show you how to know who Unfollowed you on Instagram online using a few simple methods to track the number of those that unfollow you on Instagram. Let us start.

How to Discover Who unfollowed me on Instagram Online

To know who unfollowed you on Instagram is not hard. The fact is that if you “unfollow” someone, in their profile you will see “Follow” rather than “Following”. Don’t be afraid they will not know when you “unfollow them. Because Instagram will not inform them that you have “unfollowed” them.

To make what happens when you unfollow someone on Instagram clear, I will use “follow outsider” Instagram page. First, I will “follow” him to show you what happens when I follow him. His dashboard in that screenshot will show “following” See screenshot below.

Who unfollowed me on Instagram online-following

Now I want you to observe the Instagram page as I “unfollow” him. When I do that his page will just display ‘Follow”.  See the link below. That is all.  He is not given any notice at all.

Who unfollowed me on Instagram online-follow

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Tracking the Analytics of follow and Unfollow

Who unfollowed me on Instagram online, could be on your mind, if you see the number of followers going down rather than going up? But just for the records, you cannot see who ‘unfollowed” you on Instagram except you do a manual check which very tedious or find an application that can help you track this metric.

Ordinarily, all you see is a rising statistic of people who follow you or a reducing number if more people leave you. However, if you want to do a manual count to find out who unfollowed me on Instagram Online start here.

Step 1: Check the list of your followers and note their usernames.

Who unfollowed me on Instagram online-username

Step 2: Now use their usernames to go to their page. Their page must display “following” if they are still following you. See an example here.

Step 3: However, after you search with their username on their page, if you do not show up in their list, they “unfollowed” you. Now you know how to know who unfollowed me on Instagram online.


I must warn you that it is hard if you have many followers. So, you may need to use an application instead. You may consider using this free application to track and measure who follows and who leaves.

You may use “Followers Track for Instagram”, made by Component Studios to track who is following you and who “unfollowed” you. If you use this application, it will help you measure these metrics and get more followers. To learn more visit their page

followers tracker


The Choice to Follow or Unfollow

Daily you could get numbers of followers and could also lose some of them. However, Instagram will not inform any person you decided to “unfollow”. So, you have the choice to either follow or unfollow anyone. Just tap follow or unfollow anytime you wish and keep enjoying Instagram


If you have read this article this far, “who unfollowed me on Instagram online” should not worry you anymore. However, what you need to do instead, is to make sure you share good content so that your followers get valuable content. That is the reason they are following you. In addition, you may also choose to track those who unfollow you manually or use an application the choice is yours.

Also, kindly send us feedback on your experiences and let us help each other to grow.


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