10 Best WiFi Signal Booster Apps (Android/iPhone) 2019

Find the 10 best WIFI signal booster app for Android and iPhone devices in this post. Nowadays, “The Internet is the Business of the Day”, and at times to efficiently use this network of websites and access their contents we need internet service. There are a couple of well-known internet service providers that offer good internet service to consumers worldwide at very good and cheap rates. Example of internet providers includes Verizon, At&T, Comcast and Brighthouse. best WiFi signal booster app

Living in the Current Day Weather, without internet service is somewhat impossible for certain individuals. To cope with the massive growing community of internet users worldwide, WiFi and tethering companies have evolved. With the introduction of WiFi routers and tethering based platforms, users can now have access to all the internet service they desire and need for their day-to-day activities.

Now, what happens our WiFi router signal goes down or out of range, or is low in transmission speed. At moments like this, since we use internet service for most of our major work, we grow frustrated and sometimes angry.

To stop awkward moments like this from ever happening, I’ll like to introduce to you, a solution; WiFi signal booster apps. Today we’ll discuss on 10 WiFi signal booster app for Android/iOS devices. Get ready.

10 Best WiFi signal booster apps for Android And iPhone.

  1. Netspot


If you are looking to optimize your WiFi signal performance, one WiFi signal booster app for recommendation is NetSpot. It is one of the best available to both Android and iPhone users. Netspot is a good recommendation for you, as it is easy to use, reliable with great customer support. This app can optimize more than a single WiFi network. With additional features like WiFi analysis modes, quick scans and in-depth surveys. Netspot is one useful tool to boost your network performance. Available on the PlayStore and AppleStore.

  1. WiFi Master

WiFi Master

WiFi master is a great app to boost WiFi transmission speed and connection. With this WiFi signal booster app, you can access features like quick WiFi scans, complete WiFi analysis, optimization of WiFi speed, strength and connected users. Available on the Google PlayStore for Android devices.

  1. WiFi Master Key

WiFi Master Key

This app is indeed a classy piece. It functions as a WiFi tethering platform for both Android and iOS users respectively. With WiFi master key. You can enjoy connectable hotspots and an increase in the success rate of WiFi hotspot connections. In other words, this app boosts WiFi signals and it assists users in providing a steady and smooth signal transmission. You can access this app on both your Android and iPhone devices.

  1. Network Signal Booster

Network Signal Booster

This is a free boosting and WiFi cellular data app. You can download on the PlayStore, exclusively available to Android users. This WIFI signal booster app increases your WiFi speed and strength in just a few seconds, with result analysis on every boosting enhancement. It works automatically and is a great app tethering app too.

  1. OpenSignalMaps


Open Signal is a strong signal tool that usually boosts and enhance WiFi network operations. Available to both the Android and iOS community. It can also dictate for you areas where the network transmission signal is strongest in your environment. Open Signal is one of the most well-known, powerful, easy to use network WiFi signal tool. With cool features like 4G WiFi maps and quick speed test. This WiFi signal booster app takes the place as the number one signal tool worldwide. Download Open Signal maps on the PlayStore and AppleStore now

  1. Network Booster – WiFi Manager

Network Booster

This is a free WiFi Signal booster app for android. With which users can automatically scan and fix their WiFi signal, speed and strength problems. It is a one-stop spot for everything WiFi signal transmission providing a onetime solution to all network related problems. Download Network booster from the PlayStore now.

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  1. Fing


Fing is a massively used network tool with a series of classy features tools for wireless network related issues. The app is available to both Android and iOS users and was designed to be an entirely free and super network enhancer tool. Used by millions worldwide to manage and optimize their network performance. Fing is one WiFi signal booster you don’t want to miss. Download Fing for Android and iOS devices.

  1. Swift WiFi

Swift WiFi

Swift WiFi is the number 1 free portable WiFi hotspot app for Android, that lets you find and connect to shared WiFi around the globe. Apart, from the free sharing WiFi feature, swift is also a WiFi optimization tool, that can help improve WiFi performance, optimize WiFi connection by connecting to the optimum signal. Cool features like easy WiFi connector, strong WiFi security and WiFi speed test master are readily available. Download Swift from the PlayStore now.

  1. WiFi Doctor

WiFi Doctor

WiFi doctor is an automatic WiFi signal scanner that scans your WiFi signal for issues and WiFi network problems and instantly solves them. Like its name, it was internally designed to boost WiFi signal and fully optimize network performance by fixing its related issues and errors. With its perfectly placed advance boost option button, you can instantly boost your WiFi signal any day, anytime and anywhere. Perfect isn’t it? Get WiFi Doctor from the PlayStore now.

  1. WiFi Analyzer

WiFi Analyzer

With more than 10 million downloads. This WiFi signal booster app; WiFi Analyzer has rocked the waves and stamped a trademark as one of the best apps for boosting network signal worldwide. You can also analyze different type of signal with this app. you can also check for networks with the best signal and speed and instantly connect to them. It also warns and alerts users of harmful signals, providing them with safe and secure network security. Download this WiFi signal app now from the Google PlayStore.


For the best network performance results in terms of WiFi signals, speed and strength the above-listed WiFi signal booster apps have been tested and are trusted to deliver the desired results. With full optimization capabilities, these apps offer users that smooth and steady network experience at viably no cost. Get one of these apps today for you and your network.


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