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Best Windows 10 App Remover

In this post, we will explore the best Windows 10 app remover. Software uninstallers are vital for saving time and keeping your system at its peak. The great news is that some of the best programs are free and available for download. As you are aware, the Windows 10 integrated program’s uninstall option, works well but sometimes it fails. Therefore, that is why you need an exclusive third-party uninstaller to do the deep scanning and total removal of residual programs on your system. What these uninstallers do is to remove unwanted files, temporary files, and old registry entries to free up much-needed space for the computer.

Best Windows 10 app remover

In addition, you can use them to remove browser extensions and plugins, empty the recycle bins and to delete browser history. Therefore, we are presenting you with a list of the best Windows 10 app remover software.

Top on this list is O&O AppBuster, Revo Uninstaller, Geek Uninstaller, and IOBit Uninstaller. Others include CCleaner Professional, and Ashampoo Uninstaller 8.

To advance further in this post, let me take you through the list of uninstallers that works as Windows 10 app remover.

Best Windows 10 app remover

Windows 10 app remover software

These Windows 10 app remover software, will help you get rid of unwanted apps permanently, as long as you continue to use them.

  1. O&O AppBuster

windows 10 app remover-o&o app bursterO&O AppBuster is a new Windows 10 app remover that uninstalls unwanted programs fast for Windows 10. The O&O AppBuster is free for you to download. Download and run it to get a list of all installed Windows apps either from the Microsoft apps Store or other Universal apps. This app can also retrieve software that you unintentionally removed.

Furthermore, the user interface is clear and simple to use. O&O AppBuster reveals the apps supplied by Microsoft with Windows 10 that are installed on your computer and those you can install on request. It also shows you hidden apps. Use it to clean your system.

  1. Revo Uninstaller

revo uninstallerRevo Uninstaller completely removes the trace of programs with a powerful install monitor. This tool monitors changes to your Pc Files and the registry in real-time. It leaves no traces of files. It offers users three options. They are forced uninstall, uninstall, and quick uninstall. The first tool completely removes traces of software that has been uninstalled initially.

While the quick uninstaller removes software and carries out a check to confirm if there is anything remaining automatically.

Finally, the basic uninstall carries out the standard program and lets you scan for any leftovers.

Revo also has three scanning modes the safe, moderate, and advanced. This is another Windows 10 app remover that you can trust. Use it now it is free.

  1. Geek Uninstaller Pro

Windows 10 app remover-geekGeek Uninstaller Pro is a premium uninstaller that costs $24.95 per year. It also has a free version. But the premium version does a better job of a Windows 10 app remover. Geek Uninstaller Pro also comes with an Install and trace monitor and a batch removal option.

Besides, it enables you to do a forced and regular un-installation of software. Furthermore, it displays the date of installation, version number, and the publisher. In addition, it has a Hidden Option for showing software that is hidden. Lastly, itt shows whether the software can be removed normally or by a forced method.

Best Windows 10 App Remover

  1. IOBIT Uninstaller

Windows 10 app remover-iobit

IOBIT Uninstaller is a fine software remover that you can use with ease. It removes programs in batches And automatically cleans up residual files. The IOBIT Uninstaller enjoys regular database updates to fix bugs and add new features. The developers usually update the software to avert any new threats.

This uninstaller removes toolbars, and plugins and even hidden ones you did not know exist.

And it has a special page for uninstalling Windows applications including acting as a Windows 10 app remover. The negative side of the uninstaller is that it fails to track any new software that you install. And it does not have a tool for monitoring new downloads.

  1. CCleaner professional

ccleaner proCCleaner professional is a popular uninstaller. This software is recommended in case you need a Windows 10 app remover. It is recognized as a PC optimization tool. And it comes with a standard cleanup scan to remove any leftovers of programs that did not uninstall completely.

CCleaner comes bundles with an Avast antivirus so look out and uncheck the box if you do not need it. And when you start the CCleaner, the uninstaller is below the tools menu. It is quite powerful as a standalone uninstaller.

Moreover, it will list all Windows preinstalled apps in case you wish to remove them. The negative side of this software is that it does not have a batch uninstall option. This means you have to choose any program you want to remove one after the other.

Also, there is no forced uninstaller option.

However, its main work is to remove leftover files and registry entries. It also removes all junks through scheduled scans. This method is not as convenient as that of an installer that solely scans for any leftovers automatically.

However the uninstaller is quite effective as it removes other junks from your computer.

  1. Ashampoo Uninstaller 8

Windows 10 app remover-ashampoo uninstallerAshampoo uninstaller 8 carries out deep scans and it is one of the best uninstaller available as a Windows 10 app remover. This uninstaller’s features include removing programs you do not want and giving you a list of all programs that you installed recently with their installation dates. The software shows you the ratings from other users and removes residual programs after the uninstallation.

Furthermore, Ashampoo hides the original installer of the program you want to remove and gives you the uninstallation progress report.

The Ashampoo uninstaller 8,  logs installations both manually and automatically. Also, it can remove pre-installed Windows apps and browser plugins.

The uninstaller comes with an inbuilt file recovery tool, registry cleaner, general drive clean up tool, startup manager, and file association manager and so on.

So, to clean up hard to remove programs or do a batch removal of many programs at once, get the Ashampoo uninstaller 8 now.

Best Windows 10 App Remover: Conclusion

In this article, we listed and explained what the best Windows 10 app remover do. In the list are uninstallers like O&O AppBuster, Revo Uninstaller, Geek Uninstaller, and IOBit Uninstaller. Others include CCleaner Professional, and Ashampoo Uninstaller 8. Some are free and others come in a premium. But what they all share is the ability to remove unwanted windows apps. Try any of them today and give us feedback on your experience on this website.


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