General Features of Windows 10

Windows 10 is the newest version of the Microsoft series of an operating system with a graphical friendly user interface, released in July 2015, Windows 10 has gone on to be the most globally used operating system, it was preceded by Windows 8 and 7.

Today we will be discussing all the major key Windows 10 features and benefits.

The Features of Windows 10 and its Benefits.

features of Windows 10


This new feature of Windows 10 enables a steady and smooth synchronization between your phone, computer, tablets etc. never run out of working time or space, with the new Windows 10 version, you can keep up with browsing on the internet, anytime, any day, anywhere, synchronized devices browsing data’s are safe, and ready for use whenever needed.


A secure user interface is readily on the go. The new Windows Defender security is above average and firm. It can block malicious entries on your computer, detects malicious sites, applications and keeping the overall system balance as it picks out harmful software that can jeopardize safety and efficiency.

Microsoft Edge; A New age Browser

A new and fast browser is one of the stunning features of Windows. It is fast, easy to use and user-friendly, with additional options like extension downloads, Microsoft edge depicts a new age browser with fierce features, ready to drive you all the way and even deeper into a more advanced and better internet life, it’s indeed an amazing feature.

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Action Center

This particular feature of Windows 10 includes a central notification tray with quick access toggles to in-built features. Also, it serves as an information centre, keeping you updated all the time. The notification tray icon is at the lower right side of the screen, usually, as activities are being carried out, a pop-up dialogue box comes up with information updates, these updates are been monitored and control by the central notification centre.


Windows 10 friendly user interface was taken to another height with the introduction of Cortana; your personal voice assistant that is ready to assist and help you with whatever you need. Cortana plays a major role in the installation setup. Once installed, Windows 10 runs a speech recognition setup. In this phase, you are introduced to your new personal voice assistant and your voice is recognized and installed for further use like voice command activities. With Cortana you can perform web searches, gather information’s and navigate your computer, with simple voice commands, like “what is today’s global event?” or you just say, “turn mobile WI-FI On”.

Multiple Desktops

One of the most complex, but amazing features of Windows 10 operating system is the ability to create and manage desktops. I know you did not see that coming, but you can now create and manage desktops, jump between the various newly created interfaces, by pressing the Windows + Tab keys. This might not seem entirely stunning to an average user, but for developers and load workers, this is a huge relief. Multitasking just got better.

Start Menu

The new start menu of the Windows operating system is one of the beautiful features of this version, I said beautiful because it’s just breathtaking to me, with stunning arrangements of icons, easy to access search box and taskbar, it breathes an air of organization and efficiency into the user’s life, making even the desktop portable and very easy to navigate. To access the start menu, press the WIN key. Power options like Hibernate, sleep and shut down are also found in the start menu.


With the new Xbox app, playing Xbox games on your computer or tablet just became easy as breathing. With improved speed and graphics performance. The app also supports online live action where you can play with other users live from your device. You can also share your records and victories via this app. for all game lovers, stunning isn’t it?

Unified Control Settings

With the new Windows 10 versions, you will also be able to manage and control your device from one place. Instead of distinct setting quarters for both control and PC, a unified control setting menu is in place, with more personalized features and search box, any setting you want to find is just a click away.

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So, when next you are asked to describe the features of Windows 10 Operating System, refer the person to this article to learn more.

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