Windows 10 Free Trial Download Procedures

With Windows 10 Free trial, you can test the software before purchasing the full version.

Some of the features in Windows 8 have been retained in Windows 10. The live tiles that show up at the start of the system. In fact, it is quite similar to that of Windows 7. The multiple desktop features is also another feature that has been returned. It was not available in Windows 7 and Windows 8 but resurfaced in Windows 10.

What you never knew about Windows 10

windows 10 free trial download

It allows the creation of multiple desktops in Windows. the Cortana is relatively a new add-on to the Windows 10 operating system. It is a virtual assistant. It was the first debut in mobile when it was included in Windows Phone 8.1. Cortana is a systemized digital voice assistant that simplifies some of the jobs for the user. Files and data can be opened with voice commands. The Cortana assists in other programmes such as typing and data entry in word and excel.

All the Microsoft packages are intact in Windows 10. The PowerPoint, excel, word, access are all accessible when you purchase this version of the Windows operating system.

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All Windows 10 Versions.

There are many versions of the Windows 10 operating systems. They are designed for different functionalities.

  1. The Windows 10 Home version is packaged for use by homies. It is strictly made for home use. It works perfectly on desktop computers, laptops, tablets and 2-in-1 computers. The 2-in-one computers are the devices that operate both as tablet and laptop.
  2. The Windows 10 Pro version is designed for businesses and professionals. It adds more features to the ones available in Windows 10 home.
  3. Windows 10 Enterprise version is specially packaged for use by IT professionals. It has the availability of the free trial version and has many additions to the windows 10 pro version.
  4. Windows 10 Mobile version is specially made for use by different varieties of mobile devices like tablets, android phones, etc.

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  1. Windows 10 education version are programmed by Microsoft for use in schools, colleges, and universities. It is packaged for educational professionals. It has the same features just like the Windows 10 Enterprise. The only additional difference is that it does not have the Cortana feature.

Microsoft Edge browser

The Windows 10 operating systems was made with the Microsoft edge as the default browser. Microsoft edge is modern and fast. It is a direct replacement for the internet explorer which was swollen with a multiplicity of faults and loopholes.

The Cortana is also integrated into the Microsoft edge. It can be accessed by using the “ask Cortana” option in the right-click menu.

Recently, someone asked a question of how to download the trial version of Windows 10 for free. Below, you will be shown how and where to get the evaluation copy of the software.

Steps to download Windows 10 free trial version.

The free trial version is not available for the Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro version.

But users who wish to test-run the workability of the Windows 10 can do so for free by downloading the enterprise trial version. The trial period is 90 days and all the functionalities available can be accessed in the trial version.

To download the Windows 10 free trial version, simply click this link for business/try.

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On the next page, select your PC version and the download process will start up. At completion, simply go ahead with the installation.

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