Windows 10 Product Activation key – 3 best ways to get it online

Nowadays, there are many ways to easily buy a Windows 10 product key. with prices ranging from totally free to $3,099 depending on which flavour of Windows 10 you’re after.

buy windows 10 product key
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One of the most trusted and legal ways of buying a Windows 10 product key is, of course, buying online from Microsoft. But apart from this course pathway, there are various selling websites that sell the Windows 10 for even less than Microsoft.

There are also options of downloading the windows 10 software without a product key, but that’s not we’re talking about today,  in Today’s article we ’ll be discussing the legal ways involved in buying a Window 10 product key.

Windows 10 Product Keys – How to get it easily.

A Windows 10 product activation key is a 25 character code used to activate your new Windows 10 operating system. It also depends on how you got your Windows 10 copy you’re going to need this 25 character code product key to activate it.

Windows 10 product key

Please note a digital license and a product are two different options and cannot be substituted for one another

A digital license or digital entitlement is a method of activation in Windows 10 that doesn’t require a product key entry. For example, if you already bought a previous version of Windows 7 or 8 and you already activated it on your computer with a product key, You will be entitled to a digital license for an upgrade to Windows 10 directly from your computer system which is absolutely free.

  • Already Installed Windows 10 Computers

Windows installed computers
Windows installed computers

These days, some computer system’s mainly Hewlett Packard brand of laptops come with already installed versions of Windows 10 operating systems but these Windows versions have not yet been activated. In cases like this, how do we buy or acquire its product key? It is simple.

Go to All settings from the Action centre toolbar located at the lower right side of the taskbar, just before the date and time. When All Settings is opened, click update and security then click activation. This will open the Microsoft store giving you options to buy. Once you have purchased the license, it will activate the Windows, and your product key will be emailed to you via the email you use to register when you signed in to the store. That is the easiest way to get your Windows 10 product key. The process is easy, right?

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Buy from Microsoft

Like I said in the earlier paragraphs one of the trusted and legal ways of buying the Windows 10 activation key or software is from Now the questions most people ask is How do I buy Windows 10 product key from Microsoft?

Note, you will need a Microsoft account to download or access any feature on the store. You can easily open an account from wherever you are. When you are on the site, you will see an option to download the ISO or get a USB shipped to your location. Whichever option you choose, activation keys will be sent to you via email messages. Once you have these keys, you will be using them to activate the already installed Windows 10 on your computer to enjoy a smooth and better Windows life.

  • Buy from Third Party Websites

Third party websites
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Apart from Microsoft, there are third-party websites where they sell Windows 10 software and its product key. Their prices may be low compared to that of Microsoft. These third-party sites are easy access to the Windows 10 product key cheap online. Most of their products are legitimate and can be somewhat as reliable as those bought from Microsoft.

Examples of these websites are Amazon, kingpin, software pug, PC destination and even Wal-Mart. However, check for ratings and comments to be sure about the product you are about to purchase. Do a thorough check for things like digital license, USB keys and DVDs. Prices may vary, but these retail third-party sites are good places to start if you’re going to purchase Windows 10 product key.

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You can easily get Windows 10 product key directly from Microsoft or popular online retailers like Amazon and Newegg. Their prices range from $199.99 to $130 or even less.

Microsoft’s price is astronomically high and doesn’t offer any significant benefits. So if you decide to buy a Windows 10  key, you can save $100 or more by buying a product key from third-party sites which is money you can spend on a better graphics card, PC gamepad or USB flash drive.

Older versions of Windows, such as Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP are hard to find but you usually find copies at reputable retailing websites on the internet.

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