Windows 8.1 Download Official 32 Bit 64 Bit ISO

To get the Windows 8.1 Download Official 32 Bit 64 Bit ISO is as easy as heading to Microsoft official website. However, there are websites that promise to give you this application free. However, if you get it there, the files may either have a Virus or Malware. So, it pays to go to the official website to get it.

Also, Windows 8.1 is an upgrade of Windows 8 and would obviously perform better. Therefore, if you are using the Windows 8 operating system, the logical thing to do is to get the Windows 8.1 download from the official Microsoft Website.


Hence, this post is a review of Window 8.1 operating system to give you the basic facts about it. Also, this would let you decide whether to upgrade now or stay with your Windows 8.

Let us start now.

Windows 8.1 Download Official 32 Bit 64 Bit ISO

Product Review

Before the release of the Windows 8.1 operating system, there was a big talk about it. Users and computer enthusiasts expected an improved version and waited for the release of the much talked about Windows 8.1 with high expectations.

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Big Improvements

There are big changes in the new version in the following areas. They include quicker search capability, updates, and Fixes. In addition, some Reviews of the product rate it high and commend Microsoft for introducing improvements in the new windows 8.1 professional.

You will recall that personal computer users criticized Microsoft because of poor support for Windows 8.  Hence, the expectation for an Update to fix that support issue in the new Windows 8.1 was huge and, truly needed. So, let us unveil some of these outstanding features so that you can decide whether to get Windows 8.1 Download now.

Windows 8.1 Download-Start

Outstanding Features In Windows 8.1

There are many outstanding features in the new Windows 8.1 operating system. Let us go through them below.

  • This Version is very stable
  • The user interface is simple and beautiful
  • You can boot the system from your Desktop
  • There is a free upgrade for you if you are using an official Windows 8 operating system
  • You have the start Icon just as it is in Windows 8
  • It boots quickly and Installs faster
  • The design of Windows 8.1 is highly advanced yet simple to use
  • You have 3 screens which you can easily turn over or flip quickly

Windows 8.1 Download-User Interface


Other Features of the New Windows 8.1

Developers in Microsoft did not disappoint its users and admirers. They came out with a good upgrade of the Windows 8 operating system fixing issues that relate to performance among others.

In addition, Windows 8.1 came out with a feature that allows you to divide the screen into 3 screens with all showing the applications loaded on the system at the same time. Surely, this is an awesome reason to consider before getting Windows 8.1 Download, don’t you think so? I know you do.

Also, you now have the start Icon on the Desktop. In addition, it has a fine short cut at the user interface for easy access to the applications in the system.

How You can Download Windows 8.1 Operating System

You can get this Windows 8.1 operating system upgrade from the (developer) Microsoft’s website. Whether you use a 32 or 64-bit operating system, Windows 8.1 will work with it without any problems. Download it now.


In conclusion, Microsoft Windows 8 .1 operating system is an advanced intelligent operating system. You can improvements from the upgrade of the start button, the beautiful user interface, and automatic system updates that fixed issues in Windows 8, to mention but a few. Overall, Windows 8.1 is a big leap from Windows 8. Go and get Windows 8.1 Download. Upgrade today.


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