10 Best Wireless Charging Apps for Android and iOS


There are different types of smart devices from different manufacturers having features that vary from one manufacturer to another. Usually, they are quick to release new enhanced models of these smartphones. However, one feature that we are yet to see on these new devices is wireless charging. We also know that a lot of these smart devices have their own outlets for charging. But, they come with a long or short cord which you must plug into an alternate current to charge the device. So, if you are tired of charging with a cord there are now wireless charging devices. Furthermore, we have apps with wireless charging capability. Consequently, in this post, I shall list 10 of the best wireless charging apps for your Android and iOS Devices. Read on.

Wireless Charging Apps-

10 Best Wireless Charging Apps for Android and iOS


  1. Wireless Charging Checker

Wireless Charging Apps-Wireless Charging CheckerWireless Charging Checker is the first app in this article that allows you to do a lot. A powerful app that you can download on your devices, allowing you to check the capability of your wireless charging. It is also available for you to download on your Android devices. The app has a feature that allows you to know if your device is compatible with wireless charging.

  1. Solar Mobile Charger

Wireless Charging Apps-Solar Mobile ChargerSolar Mobile Charger is one of the other wireless charging apps you can get on your devices. This app comes as a charging pranks app that you can use to make jokes on people close to you. Like your family and your friends.  It is a fun and entertainment app that you can use anytime you want. It is available for you to get on your Android devices also.

  1. Aircharge Qi

Wireless Charging Apps-Aircharge QiThis is one of the best wireless charging apps you should consider downloading on your Android or your iOS devices. The app is another amazing app that allows you to locate charging locations around where you are. It provides you with more than four thousand global Qi charging hotspots located around Restaurants, Coffee shops, Hotels, and Airports.

  1. Powermat

Wireless Charging Apps-PowermatThis is another app that you can use with ease on your Android and iOS devices. This app also lets you locate thousands of wireless charging locations around restaurants, the coffee shops, and other public places like the Aircharge Qi app.

  1. Vector EV Charging

Vector EV ChargingVector EV Charging is another app that enables you to also charge wirelessly. The app is available for your iOS devices. Aso, it helps you to locate places that you can charge wirelessly. It also allows you to know the port type and also shows you the live status of the charge.

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  1. Solar Panel Charger

Solar Panel ChargerSolar Panel Charger is one of the other wireless charging apps that you can also use. The app like some of the other apps in the article comes as a prank app. The app only works as an entertainment and a fun app allowing you prank people around you easily on your or iOS.

  1. ROBO Charger

ROBO ChargerThis is another of the wireless charging apps that you can use well on your iOS devices. The app enables you to charge wirelessly at your convenience. It also allows you to check your battery performance as you charge it.  In addition, it also lets you check the estimated time of your battery life.

  1. Razer Wireless Charger

Razer Wireless ChargerRazer Wireless Charger is another app that allows you to do much while you charge wirelessly. The app provides you with a lot and like the previous app, and you can download it on your iOS devices. Also, the app is free for you to use easily.

  1. AnyCharge

AnyChargeThis app is useable for both Android and iOS devices. It allows you to easily charge wirelessly. Also, it was created by Boundless Network. The app allows you to check for wireless charging spots around you that you can use, like most of the other apps in this list. Furthermore, it lets you charge and to know other things on your devices.

  1. Pod-Point

Pod-PointThis is the last app of the wireless charging apps that you can use easily on your Android and iOS devices. The app also allows you to navigate and know places where charging points are located. In addition, this app lets you get the quickest and nearest charging areas that you can use.


There are a lot of apps that provide numerous services for you. However, apps that provide wireless charging service are few.  Hence, we have done the research for you. You now have 10 of the best wireless charging apps, that you can use on your Android and iOS devices easily. Get one today and share your experience with us here.

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