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How “Xender File Transfer App” Works

Xender file transfer & Share
Written by Abe Cherian

What is Xender?

Xender is a free file sharing application for Android and IOS users. This mobile app enables you to transfer apps and other documents from a mobile phone to another without the use of data or internet connection. Among other file sharing app, Xender file transfer & share app seems to be the best of its kind because it is 200 times faster than the normal Bluetooth and other file sharing “applications.

Xender file transfer & Share

How Xender Mobile App Really Works.

With Xender file & share app, you can transfer anything to or from your mobile phone.  You can transfer things like Apps, Music, Videos, Software, e-books, games and other documents. Like I said earlier, it doesn’t require internet connection but you must have the Xender app on both phones to make the sharing possible.

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You can see this tutorial on how to use Xender for step by step guide on how to use the Xender app to transfer and share your apps.

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Xender The mobile file transfer and sharing app.

Features of Xender.

  • Fast Transfer speed of about 40MB per second.
  • Internet connection is not required
  • Sharing of all type of documents from videos, music to pictures and mobile apps
  • It supports cross-platform transferring. This means that you can transfer files between different OS like from Android to PC/Mac etc.Xender file transfer & sharing app

Xender is one of the most downloaded apps on the Google Play store. It has over 100 million downloads and still counting. In my previous article, I share a tutorial on how to use Xender to share files. You may want to take a look at it for a step by step on how to use it to transfer apps and other documents between phones.

Where to Download Xender App

To Download Xender File Transfer & Share application, just use any of the links below depending on your phone OS.Xender file transfer and sharing app.

  • If you are an Android user, download Xender on the Google Play Store.
  • Download The Xender apps from iOS App Store if you are an iPhone user.
  • You can download the Xender app if you have the Windows phone on Windows store.

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