Best YouTube Alternative Website

12 Highly-Rated YouTube Alternative Website – Download or Share Videos

As most of you know, there are a lot of websites from which you can stream, watch and upload videos. This post will give you a list of the best YouTube alternative Website on the Internet. Similarly, you know that YouTube is undoubtedly the most famous website on and offline. That’s why a lot of other alternative websites wants to duplicate their features.

Best YouTube Alternative Website

YouTube automatically come as an app whenever you buy a new phone, you can truly search for any type of videos you want on the site and be assured that YouTube will produce it for you.

Youtube has lots of features and terms and conditions you should not violate. You can share their videos on platforms like Twitter, WhatsApp, Messenger, and the list goes on.

12 Best YouTube Alternative Website.

In this post, I will tell you about similar websites that copy the popular giant. They are as follows.

  1. Daily motion

Daily motion is among the best YouTube substitute website. This platform is rated as the second after YouTube, and that is why they are the first in this article. Also, they share some similarities with YouTube, such as restrictions on things you share on their platform. In addition, you can also earn some money on the website. You can visit the Dailymotion website to learn more.

daily motion

  1. Xbox Video -Top Best YouTube Alternative Website

Xbox video is a video website like YouTube, but this app gives you the advantage of allowing you to manage and play videos from your personal collection. Similarly, this application is a video brand owned and managed by Microsoft. With the Xbox app, you can view the latest entertainment movies and TV programs on your Windows desktops and Laptops easily.


  1. Vimeo

Vimeo is a worldwide website that has perfect ratings on video uploading. Also, Vimeo is the third YouTube-like Website we are talking about in this article. Although this website is not as popular as YouTube, they also have things that they do that are similar to that of YouTube. For example, the website is amazing for uploading and sharing with friends and family. It allows uploading of videos in HD for users, and this is done with amazing ease.


  1. Flickr

Flickr is another alternative website to YouTube, that allows you to create an account and upload your own videos, to share with anyone you want, be it, friends and family, even your followers. This website allows you to include descriptions of things you want with people and tag them. This website also lets people leave comments on your page which can you reply to. In the same way, you can also leave comments on other user’s uploads.

best YouTube alternative Website

  1. Metacafe

Metacafe is also a video-sharing website like YouTube. It is one of the biggest video websites, that serves every category of entertainment from movies, sports, video games, music, funny clips and more. This website gives you the same opportunity to make and upload videos but in short-form.


  1. Maker Studios

This is another global website that is a leader in online short-form videos that is also an alternative of YouTube just like the others in this list. Also, MakerStudios allows you to make short-form videos that you can upload and share like YouTube.

maker Studios

  1. Vevo

Vevo is a very popular video website that works on the high definition videos people upload on their site. You can watch videos online, and stream them too. They lead in all things relating to music videos on premium. This website hosts HD music videos, live performances, and content too. Vevo has a vast range of viewers every month.


  1. Twitch

Twitch is another alternative YouTube-like video uploading website. Furthermore, this is another popular site that gives you services for watching and streaming of videos, which are mostly centered entirely on video games but has gone into the creation of artwork, music, series and more.


  1. Google video

Google video, is a website that lets you watch some of the trending and famous videos. Furthermore, Google video is a similar video uploading website, that gives you contents on numerous categories. This website has an amazing search option, where you can easily search for anything you need to view and then watch it. In addition, you can also send videos to family and friends.

Best YouTube Alternative Website

  1.  Veoh

Veoh is also on the list for websites that are YouTube alternatives. It is part of the various free websites that allow you to upload videos and stream them for free. For example, users admire their website like MTV, ABC and more. Veoh is a US-based website that offers services like movies, videos and TV series strictly to people in the US.


  1. Crackle a YouTube Substitute Website 

Crackle is also a where you can watch videos and stream for free. You can also watch features on TV and more. Similarly, Crackle is a popular website that shows all kinds of comedy movies, action movies, and drama and also lets its viewers have uncut content.


12. Zippcast

This website is identical to YouTube, and you can search for your favorite videos on it with ease. In addition, it allows you to have a certain amount of video length. The site also has the features to upload videos and tagging. Zippcast allows you to comment on other videos.  While you search for any category you like.

Best YouTube Alternative Website


This post gave you the list of the best YouTube alternative Website. We know that there are many Youtube alternative websites out there having categories and features that others do not offer. However, they all imitate and bring out new updates on the things YouTube has already produced.

Therefore, YouTube still remains the leader in the field so, you either go for the alternatives or visit YouTube now.


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