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Free YouTube Online Downloader for Saving Videos

Did you find yourself searching for ways to download YouTube videos online? Have you been looking out for the latest YouTube Online Downloader too? Then this tutorial is meant for you. I have been using these tricks to download youtube videos for a very long time and it is still working up to date. So in this short guide, we will show you the various ways to download youtube videos online for

Google (the owner of YouTube) actually restricted users from saving videos directly from Youtube for piracy reasons. Therefore, it is illegal to share and distribute Youtube videos without the consent of the rightful owners. Youtube have an option for you to save videos, but the option has a limited feature. You can only save videos for offline usage but it can’t be downloaded to our mobiles phones or computer storage but today, we are going to show you how to download YouTube videos online or offline using this video downloader I have been using for years now.

There are two ways to download Youtube videos. Though, both will still end up giving you the same results. Use any of the methods listed below to download YouTube videos online for free. Without much ado, I want to show you how to download a video you love directly from YouTube without any third party software. Is that okay with you? Sure! I guess.

Youtube Downloader Online

To use the Youtube Downloader online software, follow the steps given below.

1. Visit

Now head straight to your browser and visit

Youtube video downloader

2. Search & Play the Video

Once you’re on YouTube, now search for the video you intend downloading using the search bar at the top of the site. You can now play the video you wish to download and add “ss” without the quotes at the beginning of the URL. For instance, if the URL to the video is then enter the “ss” at the front of “”. It’s going to show up like this: Did you notice any change? Of course, it’s very obvious. Now press your “Enter” button on the keyboard or press go for options to download it. Choose any format of your choice from the list of options eg. MP4 720, MP4 360, HD, 3GP, MP3 etc.

That’s the fastest way to save videos on YouTube with Downloader without using any third party software.

Youtube downloader online

How to Download via the YouTube Online Downloader

This method is very easy. We have discussed this in my previous tutorial. To download videos using the YouTube Downloader online, use the preceding link. Here’s How to Download Youtube Videos of any Format

Paste the URL into the Youtube downloader onlineRead This Also:

I am glad you now know how to use the Youtube Downloader online to save videos from Youtube. If you found this tutorial useful, kindly leave us a comment telling us how you felt. Also, share these ideas with your friends using the Social Media buttons below.

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