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Zenith Bank Internet Banking Procedures

Do you bank with Zenith bank, and wish to tap into its online resources? If you wish to learn about Zenith Bank Internet Banking Registration process, do read on.

Zenith Bank is one of the successful personal and corporate banks in the country. Zenith bank offers internet banking solution through its internet banking platform.

About Zenith Bank

Zenith Bank is an international bank, it is licensed as a commercial bank by Central Bank of Nigeria. The bank has been here since the year 1990 and has well over 500 branches in the country.  Zenith Bank offers different types of account packages for everyone. Zenith bank caters for needs of everyone; from the rich to the poor, small business owners to corporate organizations and so much more.

zenith internet bankingSome of the types of account one can open online with zenith bank are here below.

  • Individual savings account
  • EazySave classic account
  • EazySave premium account
  • Aspire account for undergraduates
  • Zenith Children’s account (ZECA)

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How to access the different Zenith Bank accounts

This different packages can be accessed through this link. all you need to is go to the link. choose the platform and follow the necessary procedures there. Or you can visit any Zenith Bank branches today to open an account with them.

Why use Zenith bank internet Banking platform?

  • The Zenith Bank internet banking platform is open to both individuals and corporate account holders.
  • It allows you to view your account details and view your Zenith Bank account statements
  • The platform offers 24/7  full access to your account
  • With only a daily limit of about 2 million Naira, you can send and receive money anytime, any day.
  •  You can pay all utility bills and also recharge your phone while using this platform
  • you can view and print out all account transaction receipts on this platform
  • Transfers between Zenith Bank accounts using this platform are absolutely free
  • Transfer to other banks only incurs convenient charges based on the transfer platform. for instance, transfer using Quickteller will incur N52.50 naira only.
  • you can also book airline tickets using the Zenith Bank Internet Banking platform

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How to start using Zenith Internet Banking

  • Download the Zenith internet banking form from their official website: https://www.zenithbank.com/internetbankingform.pdf
  • Print the form and fill out all the information required.
  • Submit the form at any Zenith Bank branch close to you or online at the bank’s email address at zenithdirect@zenithbank.com
  • At the bank, you will receive a username, password, access code and token
  • If by email, a link will be sent to you to complete your registration but the token must be gotten from your bank.

    Zenith bank internet Banking
    Zenith Internet Banking platform

Note: you will be charged 1500 Naira for the token at the bank.

How to activate the Zenith Bank internet banking platform

  • To activate the zenith bank platform, Click on this page
  • For your first log in, input the access code, username and password
  • At any other time, you can log in using your account number and your token (PIN)


Internet banking platforms are quite different with different banks. Zenith bank is also one of them.  Do well to follow the instructions on this page faithfully.

if you still have issues or questions regarding this Zenith Bank internet banking or any other banking issues, kindly drop a comment below, let’s discuss it.

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