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Zenith Bank Mobile App Download for Android, iPhone, Blackberry And Nokia

Zenith bank Mobile app page
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Learn more about how to download Zenith bank Mobile app with ease by reading this detailed guide.

The Zenith Bank Mobile app is an innovative platform put in place by Zenith bank to enhance your banking experience. This app gives you 24-hour access to your bank account and you experience relief from the stress associated with traditional banking methods.

Zenith bank Mobile app

Zenith Bank Mobile App Key Features

• This app can be accessed by any Zenith bank account holder with a Current account, Domiciliary account, Savings and fixed deposit account
• It works 24 hours every day provided there is access to internet or data connection
• It comes with a privacy lock to prevent unwarranted access

Benefits of using the Zenith Bank Mobile app

• You can make transfers to other bank accounts both Zenith bank and other banks
• Airtime recharge and pay utility bills
• You can transfer cash using m-wallet
• Balance Inquiry
• You can Withdraw money using the app fro any of zenith banks agents

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How to download the Zenith Bank Mobile app

  • For Android: visit PlayStore to download
  • For Blackberry: Visit Blackberry store here to download
  • For Nokia: click here to download. from Nokia app store.
  • For iPhone: click here to download from Apple store
    Or You can simply open your app store, search for “ zenith bank Mobile app” and install.

How to activate the Zenith Bank app

After installing the Zenith bank, you can now choose the package you wish to use.
Activating as an Internet banking user

• Launch the app and select “internet banking user”
• Enter internet banking login details
• Enter your account number
• Create a 6 digit password and user id
• Create a 4 digit Mobile PIN for authenticating the transaction
• A token will be sent to the phone number that is registered to your bank account
• Enter your PIN and the token
• Once successful, you will be redirected to the Login page
• Log in using your Mobile user id and 6 digit password

Activating as a non-internet banking user

• `Launch the app and click on “non-internet banking user”
• Enter your account number and other details including user id
• Create a Mobile PIN to be used in authenticating all transactions
• A token will be sent to your phone number linked to your bank account
• If successful you will be redirected to your homepage

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Zenith bank Mobile app

How to use the Zenith Bank Mobile app in transferring funds

  • Launch the Zenith bank Mobile app and navigate the menu button
    Click on transfer or self-transfer depending on if you wish to transfer to another Zenith bank account or another bank
  • Input the recipient’s account number and amount
  • Wait for confirmation showing the account name of the recipient
  • Click to submit and Enter PIN to authenticate the transaction

You can also carry out other transactions so easy.

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The Zenith bank Mobile app makes you work smarter and stay ahead of your game, why not take advantage of this unique platform.

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